Rahu : exhaled in which house based on your experience



I read lot of various thoughts online around when rahu is exhalted or debilitated. Some say rahu is exhalted in tauras, some in gemini. Some say rahu is not exhalted or debilitated anywhere. Some even say it’s exhalted in Scorpio.
And some totally judge it based on nakshatra

I want to know about your practical experience. Those who have years of experience reading charts, where did they see rahu at its best and worse? Did position in navamsa impact it a lot? Please share.

FYI: I am reading a chart of gemini ascendant with rahu and Venus in lagna. Rahu is in mriga pada 4. 3 degree. Venus 8.
Rahu is in 12th house of Scorpio in Navamsa with sun Jupiter and saturn. Venus in lagna
Not able to analyze this well. And how rahu mahadasha would be like




Rahu is Lord in Aquarius and Virgo.
Ketu is Lord in Scorpio and Pisces.

Rahu does well in Gemini. debilitated in sagittarius.

it is said that Rahu does best in the 3rd house and worst in the 9th house.

I have Rahu in the 3rd house in libra.
my Rahu -Mahadasa was not so good.
due to Rahu squaring my kemdrum Moon in 6th bhava.


I found an explanation from Avantika Tripathi
- the founder of astrohelp.


"Rahu can never be completely good, and we need to understand this.

For its popular placement in trishdaaye bhaav ( 3rd, 6th, 11th) it is considered good, but does that mean that native with any of the aforementioned placements of Rahu can be free from the perturbing sides of this planet? The answer is very clearly NO. Since trishdaaye bhaav represents our want, courage, efforts, enemies, diseases and materialistic pursuits/monetary gains and desires respectively; Rahu's placement there expands the results of these houses, for it is a planet which is intended towards fulfillment of desires and has got a winning attitude. But with this, it is nowhere stated that Rahu in the abovesaid houses will offer only good results. For example if you are surviving any dasha of Rahu, (with the abovesaid placement), you may suffer from any kind of disability in the area of health, finance, job and general happiness. As far as your mental peace is considered, it can get affected, you might feel stuck, your growth can be impacted etc. But what is special with these placements is that Rahu is a planet which indicates head full of desires, for which it offers technique to fulfill the same. So when Rahu is placed in either of the houses it will uplift the accomplishments attached to these houses, which ultimately works toward the betterment of native.

Rahu is not all good for anyone; be it any placement. Its good placement should not be mistaken with its smooth placement. Rahu is bound to offer its natural property to native during its time, which indicates certain negativities going on in the mental plane during its period."