Questions about Natal Chart/Draconic Chart Comparison

Soooo..... I am wondering if anyone on here has any information about what it means when someone’s Natal Chart and Draconic Chart are exactly the same/almost exactly the same. My Natal Chart And Draconic Charts are pretty much identical due to my True North Node in my Natal Chart being at 0 degrees 17’ in Aries. I have some idea of how to interpret this, but there isn’t a whole lot of information on this particular topic when researching how to read a Draconic Chart. Any thoughts and/or opinions would be greatly appreciated! 😺


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The Draconic chart is a representation of Karma you have amassed. So if the positions have not changed at all or significantly, your planets, their positions, their effects are likely to stay the same.
Hey EsmerSilver, thanks for your reply! 😺

I wonder if that’s a good or a bad thing (or it just kind of “is) that there is no change in the Karma? I suppose that would depend on placements and aspects in the chart. I find the whole Draconic Chart discussion really super interesting because of how that chart relates to karma and especially the idea that this chart is the soul’s chart throughout all time.