Questions About Lunar Return Chart


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With the ruler of my 1st House cusp (Capricorn = Saturn) being in the 9th house, it looks like broadening my life philosophy will be a key theme during this lunar cycle. That makes sense, because for the past month I've utilized cognitive behavior therapy techniques in order to manage my depression and reduce negative thinking. This placement is reinforced by the fact that my Lunar Return Ascendant is located in my 1st natal house, which means that I'll focus on developing my core being.

With 3 planets in the 7th House in my lunar return chart, relationships is another big theme. Hopefully, it's not romance because I'm nowhere ready for that right now! I'm focused on career-related matters.


1. My Lunar Return Ascendant is Capricorn. I am natally a Capricorn Ascendant (although my natal Capricorn Rising is at 2 degrees). Does this mean that this cycle is particularly important for me?

2. I have a T-Square between a 2nd House Uranus, 6th House Venus, and 12th House Pluto. What does it mean?

3. Is there anything troublesome that I should watch out for this cycle? While I'm a dreamer, I don't drink or do drugs (as people with the Sun opposition Neptune aspect often do) so I assume that it's benign. Increased creativity?

That Sun square Midheaven suggests that my career choice may be in conflict with what I really want. Yet over the past couple of months I've actually been making moves toward the career that I do actually want! :unsure: The orb seems a little wide. Perhaps it doesn't really pertain to me?

Should I be worried about that Pluto in the 12th House, especially given my depression issues?