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ok so Im trying to do a chart, and Im a novice in horary. If the ascendant is cappy, I have a saturn significator, then the 7th house (its a relationship question) is cancer, so I use the moon. But what is confusing me is that your supposed to use the moon for the querant as well. How can I use the moon for the quistited and the querant and the sun for the male quisited? Im lost.


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How can I use the moon for the quistited and the querant and the sun for the male quisited? Im lost.

Advanced chart delineation. If someone was adopted and never knew their father or mother, they should be able to look at their natal chart and determine if their parents traveled to other countries and what kind of wealth they had. They should also be able to determine if they had brothers or sisters (and yes people look at their natal charts and say, "I have a sister but my natal chart says I have at least two other siblings -- so then you look at the 4th House of Family Secrets and then maybe one day they'll find out their father had a secret life/affair and fathered other children -- it happens).

Derivative houses is what allows one to delineate one planet representing two people or one person and a thing since planets don't always necessarily represent people, especially in horary.

Day/Night Triplicity Rulers, Term Rulers, Face Rulers, Degree Rulers, Dispositors and Almutens are also used to differentiate.

In a relationship horary where the Quesited is married or has a significant other, the 1st House Ruler represents both the Querent and the Quesited's spouse or significant other.

Without advanced delineation or knowledge of how to use Term Rules, Dispositors, Degree Rulers etc, one can easily believe the Quesited is going to get divorced and marry the Querent, when in fact the Quesited is going to dump the Querent. And then of course there's the 5th House which might be a nice romantic relationship, but it could be someone other than the Querent.

Also for a relationship horary, the significators for the Querent are the 1st House Ruler, the Moon and the Planet last aspected by the Moon, and for the Quesited the 7th House Ruler, the Moon and the Planet the Moon is applying to, plus Venus for women and the Sun for men so there can be as few as two or as many as four and sometimes the Querent and Queisted will have 1 or 2 of the same significators.