Question on 2nd House Ruler in 7th House vs. 7th House Ruler in 2nd House


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Just wondering, from anyone's knowledge and experience:

1. What is the difference between having the 2nd house ruler in the 7th house vs. having the 7th house ruler in the 2nd house?

2. From anyone's experience, how does

A. Having the 2nd house ruler in the 7th

differ from

B. Having the 7th house ruler in the 2nd house

in terms of how a person's life, business partnerships, money, and relationships will turn out.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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IMO it's an issue of cart and horse. Which one leads to the other?

7th in 2nd = lasting relationships, marriage, are etc born through 2nd house activity.
2nd in 7th = income, possessions, resources/talents (both personal and material) "born"/acquired through relationships.

When you do a certain house activity with a planet in it, the planet gets excited. When a house is ruled by that planet, it means that house also becomes activated because its ruler has been.

Your 7th becomes active when you do 2nd house things, because again, its ruler has been. So any houses which is ruled by a planet in your 7th then also become active from that. It continues on like that for your whole chart.

Simply by existing/being (1st house) some part of you is always being active. So if you're wondering why some aspect of your life isn't happening, look at the house ruler for it, and for what house it's in. If you're not doing things in the ruler's house then there is your problem. And again, the whole chart works that way, so work backwards.
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