Question about Grand Trines


Is a Grand Trine between Saturn (Aries), Mars (Virgo) and Midheaven (Capricorn)considered a True GrandTrine? Or , because Midheaven is not a planet, this configuration is not a Grand Trine?

In the case above Midheaven and Mars are in the first degrees of houses of earth element. However, Saturn is the last degrees of a fire element house (It does not share the same element with the other angles). Is that still considered a grand Trine ? If so, what is different about Grand Trines in which the planets do not shares the same elements?

Saturn is debilitated in Aries. What does that imply to the Grand Trine (if it is a Grad Trine) ?


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The degrees are important....for an out of sign grand trine. So you'd have to show the chart.
However, The MC doesn't count in this configuration. So no grand trine.