Question about a fairly large fan meetup


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I've been organizing a fan meetup in Paris. About 18 people are coming. I was wondering what the event will be like. I used the time and location of the event itself. Can anyone give me more information as to how this meetup will turn out?



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I suppose one should look at the first house for the event - as you organized it yourself, there is a certain identification.
The alternative would be to use the 11th house of groups and organizations.

So, my hint would be for you to have a look at the chart and analyze which house rulers (1st or 11th) by position by house / sign and aspects is more in tune with the reality.

Then look at that planet's strenght in order to estimate the outcome (also you may have a look at the turned 10th house from that house, for the public success).

Let us know what you think of this chart.

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Sorry did I break some rules?

The thing is there's lots of outgoing aspects, I've always been taught these are things that 'have been', so generally I'll just close my eyes to outgoing aspects unless the history to me is very important. There's been 'communication (Saturn ruler of 3)' on my forum about it. I'm pretty sure the info is sufficient (Moon sxt Saturn). I've noticed a few people from my surrounding countries have pulled back. I'm a little annoyed. Everytime I end up with people from everywhere and anywhere and my own surrounding countries bail out! (I can't see this anywhere)?

I've also been taught to give the transsaturnal planets less of a value in horary astrology, making Mars my signifier. Mars is located at the very last degree there, not making any aspects until the next sign. I'm not sure what that means. I only know it's important for the Moon as Void of Course. That's the natal position for my Mars by the way, so I'm rather unsure if I should count the sign in which Mars is as hard as I usually would (not being objective?). Better not get robbed in Paris! Or does it signify a lot of action?

The 10th house as public success... Well there's a square between Saturn/MC and Mercury, but it's outgoing. Perhaps I said something funny in the past?

The sextile between Moon and Venus is a good sign (ingoing)! It'll be conjunct my Descendant. Anyways, I tend to need objective feedback since I always have trouble with this asking my own questions. So if anyone has any ideas?
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I would think we could use the 11th to represent the group of people; in which case it is Venus, angular and in dignity, but combust. This may mean that the turnout is less than expected. The Moon is also in dignity at this time, but in a weakened house. It applies by sextile. I would say that all in all the outcome is positive, although perhaps less or smaller than expected.

But you've already said that this is what happens at the gatherings, anyway.:)