Putin: White hat or villain?


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Elena, re: your post 326, I've been using the Astrodienst Astro-DataBank chart for the invasion, with good results. It puts the time of the invasion at 4:55 a.m.

This puts the ascendant of the invasion and the ascendant of Ukraine both at 16 degrees Capricorn, incidentally.

Putin's goal was to destroy Ukraine at as STERN WARNING to other countries who might try to cross him, so possibly that goal has succeeded, but the war is by no means over.

From my post on asteroids, at Skyscript:

Asteroid Nike (307) the Greek goddess of victory and Belona (28, the Roman goddess of war) both closely conjunct the invasion chart's ascendant. However:

"[Asteroid]Nike (307, the Greek goddess of victory) conjuncts Volodymyr Zelenskyy's sun-Venus within 1.5 degrees. Justitia (269,) the Roman goddess of justice, conjuncts Zelenskyy's first house Jupiter within the degree.

Vladimir Putin's chart has no close hits with asteroids of victory or justice.

The Ukraine national chart looks better: Victoria (12) hits Ukraine's sun (0 degree Virgo) within one degree. Justitia conjuncts Ukraine's sun within 1.5 degrees.

Nike conjuncts Ukraine's Ceres within a degree. Anciently the goddess Ceres/Demeter was known as "the law giver." Of course, Ceres might say something about Ukraine's major product: wheat.

The US would have multiple ways of sending foreign aid to another country. I imagine bank transfers would be usual; but sometimes aid is given as gifts "in kind," which could be arms shipments. I believe that all of the NATO member countries have contributed to Ukraine's war effort.
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Let us post from the best of mundane Astrologers today, Deborah Houlding's Skyscript:


10th House

the public eye. Unfavourable publicity if afflicted.

In Mundane Astrology:
Those in authority over the nation, whether prime ministers, governments, kings, presidents or dictators. Kingdoms, empires, dukedoms, countries. The police or armed forces when they assert authority over citizens. The Heads of State. The national reputation and prestige. Credit and power, national trade and influence. Carter notes that it is the most important and powerful of all the houses in mundane astrology and bodies here have a wide significance ([ItPA], p.91)

In Commerce:
The price - the 10th house dignified or its ruler angular or strong shows a high price; if it is afflicted or retrograde, the price will fall.

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Zelensky aka the coke head of Kyiv recently had a video of him babbling while high!

Not a good look for the 'good guy' trying to beat 'Putin bad'.

With :saturn::conjunct: MC, his karma coming home to roost!
:pluto::conjunct::sun::opposition::mars: will not allow him to escape without paying a price.

Where have the weapons & billions sent to Ukraine gone? Zelensky on a world begging tour asking for 7 BILLION dollars to be given to him every month!


General Flynn ⭐⭐⭐
We’ve seen this movie before in recent history…

Now Ukraine

No chain of custody, billions of $’s wasted…weapons will fall into the wrong hands, etc, etc.



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In the chart of Ukraine, IC at 25 degree :taurus: got pummelled with the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th right in :opposition: to their homeland.

The conflict is over. Russia has accomplised her mission.

That's why NWO/US now pushing Sweden/Finland to join NATO to 'bait' Putin into starting ww3. He won't take their bait. He doesn't want a war with the west, he did what he said he would do in Ukraine & provided the receipts & evidence of the biolabs to the U.N.

:pluto::capricorn: the corrupt worldly institutions like NATO.WHO being exposed & acting like complete fascists to hold onto power....even if it kills millions in a nuclear conflict. These psychopaths don't care as long as the :pluto: power structure remains in place. It won't, it can't. :pluto: is tearing it all down, they no longer hold the seat of power.

Why Would US Give a War Guarantee -- to Finland

Xiden said last week that NATO has an "open door" policy & Finland & are welcome, and he looks forward to their joining.:annoyed:

Consider what Biden is actually saying and doing here.

He is ceding to Finland, a country of 5.5 million people with an 830-mile border with Putin's Russia, the right to obligate the United States of America to go to war with Russia, if Finland joins NATO & invades Russia's border.

What patriot would commit his own country, in perpetuity, to go to war on behalf of another country not his own

Hey, O'Biden, stop trying to create ww3 & deal with the US border where over 4 million illegals have infested the country since you entered the fake WH.
STOP the largest human, child sex, drug trafficking operation in the world, taking place right here on the southern border.


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A total of 959 Ukrainian troops previously holed up in a steel plant in Mariupol have surrendered this week, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a Wednesday morning briefing. Kiev expects them to be exchanged, while prosecutors in Russia are looking at the possibility of bringing many to trial.

With :mercury::retrograde: the secrets about the deadly biolabs in Ukraine funded by the Pentagon are being exposed. The Lunar Eclipse 25:scorpio: culminating of Ukranian military surrending to Russian troops. Ukraine has fallen & no amount of fake news or :neptune::pisces: propaganda is going to change that.


video imageplaynormal 2241
BIOLABS: Russians accuse the US and Ukraine of lying about biolabs and bioweapon research in Ukraine/


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There are all kinds of rumours afoot, that Putin has some kind of terminal cancer. Most recently, I've come across a supposed Putin associate saying he has blood cancer.

Say what one will about the MSM and their liberal bias, but they do a lot of fact-checking and verification of their sources-- unlike various social media and hard right outlets. So far the US and Canadian MSM are not reporting on anything.

But I am wondering what you-all think. Try a horary if you don't accept Putin's official birth date according to Tass (Oct. 7, 1952.)


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We've discussed this with Oddity bringing it up. Yep, thyroid cancer, abdominal cancer, nobody really knows exactly what's going on except those closest to Putin.:unsure:

MSM = Fake News, almost nothing they 'report' is true or factual, they are propaganda tools for the Demonrats. We've discussed this too & chalk it up to :neptune::pisces: H3 Sibley chart. Lack of logic, lack of transparency, lots of fairy tales like the Trump-Russia collusion delusion!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

:neptune: very entertaining but Truth Social, Telegram, Gettr, Rumble, Bitchute ARE the REAL NEWS now! MSM is imploding along with the false narratives they spew out daily. Give back those Pulitzers since they were all based on lies.:crying::crying::crying:

:jupiter::aries: on May 10th & the individual beginning to think for themselves.
Initiating their own research, doing their own due diligence instead of being part of the sheepie crowd.

People finally waking up to the reality of what's been going on in Ukraine & how Putin has saved europe from the NWO. It really is a battle of good v evil & the
:pluto: NATO/US corrupt power structure is being exposed in Ukraine. Notice how many secrets are emerging during :mercury::retrograde:


The Russian Defense Ministry presented new data on the activities of the US government and American pharmaceutical companies operating on Ukrainian soil. They also accused Biden, Obama, Killary & billionaire George Soros of involvement in the conspiracy to outsource pharmaceutical testing on humans in Ukraine.

They've got the receipts, the hard evidence. :saturn: cannot be ignored.

There are all kinds of rumours afoot, that Putin has some kind of terminal cancer. Most recently, I've come across a supposed Putin associate saying he has blood cancer.

Say what one will about the MSM and their liberal bias, but they do a lot of fact-checking and verification of their sources-- unlike various social media and hard right outlets. So far the US and Canadian MSM are not reporting on anything.