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It took a while or I never would have gotten involved.

That's always the case. I have a couple of warning signs I look for now, and it usually doesn't fail me, unless I don't follow it for some reason.


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Check out Donald Trump's chart for examples. I'm serious and not being political.

Note the following:
A full Moon with eclipse (thus squarely on the nodes) accompanied by solar conjunction Uranus.
The Asc in 29 Leo 55, Mars conjunct in 12th.
All planets below the horizon Rx. (Indicating a solitary creature, a lone wolf).
Venus conjunct Saturn, intercepted.
Mercury, intercepted, square Neptune.
Pluto in 12th.

None of these indicators is, in my opinion, "psychopath specific". But in this particular horoscope, in the aggregate, they make a pretty good case for psychopathy. Each chart must be assessed individually on its merits.

The chart of Adolf Hitler provides a proven example, as does that of Jeffrey Dahmer. The three charts share few if any aspects. But when each of the charts, taken alone, is read as an organic whole, the possibility of psychopathy can be seen (that is, the array of personality traits that in concert are diagnostic for psychopathy.)
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I though sun conjunct uranus gave integrity to someone? A recent co worker who I got along well with but kept up a partiuclar charade, had sun conjunct uranus though, although he also had a mars jupiter square which would have given him the need to lie.


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Be good to study up on aspects.

And note the extremely powerful position of Uranus in this chart.

Conjunct Sun who is lord of the horoscope, with Asc in 30th degree of Leo and Mars conjunct in 12. Plus Full Moon which was a total eclipse (all of this right on the nodal axis).

Every aspect holds both a potential positive and potential negative expresssion, with actual manifestation usually somewhere between the two poles, depending on the rest of the chart, circumstances of the moment, etc.

Mercury, lord of Sun/Uranus, is intercepted, square Neptune, etc.

This chart has Bowl pattern (a self-contained person) and Uranus (actually the conjunction) as Leading planet, making him a predominant force in the life.

Oversimplification can give very misleading resulets in interpretation.

Uranus is "detached and impersonal", which in its more negative expressions can be lack of empathy and absence of remorse -- the hallmarks of the psychopath.
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I totally agree, Pluto does something to Venus that's extra poisonous, I think this is where the lack of empathy comes from.

It can't be just the conjunction alone. You find even one normal person with that placement, and the theory goes out the window. My sister has it and is far from a psychopath. Just a simple example of her empathy: she can't watch the news because she gets too upset hearing about other people being hurt, particularly the elderly or children.


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There is a thing called the Hare Psychopathic Checklist, used by most psychiatric professionals. It lists 20 "symptoms" of psychopathy, most of which must be present in any individual to diagnose psychopathy.

There are 2 of the 20 which are key: lack of remorse and absence of empathy.

There is no "psychopathic aspect". The whole chart must be examined with the array of symptoms in mind.

I have Venus opposition Pluto. I am far from being psychopathic. Also, I do not try to control others, something often attributed to the aspect. I have been blessed with an ample supply of empathy as are talking through your hat, sesquiquadrate.

The psychopath is egocentric in extreme. Therefore the chart should indicate this feature of personality. Feelings of Grandiosity should be indicated. Glibness and charm are common; lying is second nature.

For so long as you spend your time looking for a single magic aspect for any condition, you will fail to learn to read a chart holistically...which is what is required of an astrologer.
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Greybeard - it is true that psychopaths have no empathy and no remorse...


They LIE and LIE and LIE and lie and lie and they're so good at it. That's all they do. The only thing they can do is lie. Their whole life is an act. Being honest would mean having to deal with their behaviour, which they don't want to do. For this reason, diagnosing a psychopath is near to impossible. They can easily say many times in their life that they feel sorry for something or can't watch ppl be harmed, but it's all an act to fool ppl. They do it all day everyday but when they feel they don't need to act (eg when they capture their prey and hold them prisoner) their true colours show and they love to watch ppl with excitement as ppl suffer.


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I had close dealings with one a few years back. Not fun. Great learning experience.

There are ways u can win though, and that is by distracting them with other ppl that may concern them and also fooling them into thinking you're on their team, faking it at times and striking at other times. Combined with being out of site where possible but also maintaining positive contact with the rest of the community so the psychopaths words show its all lies. And... Playing dumb when they ask for answers to any questions.


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To an experienced astrologer, what you need to do is paint a picture of someone's general conscience and empathy level on a continuum. That would give you a pretty accurate (astrologically) perspective of how that person is in a relationship. Even the professionals (psychology wise) use a spectrum and set of behaviors before they diagnose someone as a psychopath.

You need to view a chart as a painting, and each section a stroke of the paintbrush that adds up to the whole picture.

Based on my experience, stellium combinations in both Scorpio and/or Capricorn makes people ruthless, selfish, lacking empathy, and too willing to let personal ambitions override moral or other people's interest. But that section by itself is only a single paint stroke out of an entire painting (the chart), and while that may be relatively poor character, but it does not a psychopath make.

A weak or poorly aspected Jupiter is also low or no conscience.

Moon and Venus are relationship planets, and those in the signs of Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo also lend to low empathy levels. Poorly aspected also means a certain coldness in dealing with people.

Pluto afflictions within angular houses lends to strong and unavoidable power and control issues, which may doom a relationship.

I've also heard angular or prominent Nessus means an abuser. Nessus conjunct MC, ASC, etc., not necessarily DSC. And sometimes Nessus in the center of a grand or T-square.

Those are just some signs of low empathy and conscience.

I think of my natal chart ..

Stellium in scorpio (sun, mercury, venus and pluto, all in conjuction)

Saturn in conjuction ASC in Capricorn with Uranus and Neptune.

Nessus conjuction 0 degrees MC

And Jupiter in leo square (sun, mercury, venus and pluto scorpio)

Obviously I am not a psychopath but sometimes it is difficult for me to understand the other person if not friend or relative.
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My Ex was a psychopath, he had Moon square Uranus and square Mars. Also, perhaps check the asteroid Sado (the orb with Asteroids is max 2 degrees).
Apart from Astrology, you can detect psychopaths in employing refined humor. They can mock everything "human", but refined humor is a terrain they haven't got access to, they probably just can't decode it.
Good luck, better leave early, before you lose self respect. You'll come out stronger for it.


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I think psychopaths are people that think that getting a reaction out of people by hurting them or doing something that they don't like constitutes a relationship so being cold is really painful to them. Ultimately it is power through manipulation and the other person is just a toy rather than a person. This would probably involve trauma from chilhood that leads to a person not wanting to be vulnerable i would assume. So this would probably indicate that a slow moving planet created aspects with natal planets that changed there perceptions about what people mean to them perhaps.
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To add to all of the above info, I would keep an eye on the asteroid Pallas. And Neptune. Not necessarily hard aspects either.


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I dated a men for a year, who was moody, controlling, strong sex drive with inability to express it , no ability to connect emotionally, borderline sadistic, cheater, lair, manipulative, extremely egoistic and materialistic, stalker, selfish, womanizer, reckless, childish ....
Taurus sun square Leo moon, Venus opposition Uranus, Mars square Uranus, Mars conjunct Saturn in cancer, Saturn square Uranus, Jupiter opposition Saturn, to name few....
Mercury in Gemini opposition Neptune for the sweet talk and compulsive lying
Venus conjunct Jupiter for the extreme charm and wealth

My Saturn was conjunct his south node and Venus, his north node was conjunct my moon, my vertex was conjunct his moon. WE were deeply connected, but I could not take the abuse anymore.
I had a karmic feeling with him, and was not able to let him go. He was also not able to let me go for almost a year after the break up. He still pops up in my dreams occasionally and I feel that we are still connected.

Keep your eyes open and trust your intuition

Gah I wish I had someone around me that speaks sense like this. They can really make you think that it’s you w the problem. When you haven’t had many other relationships it can make you think a few times about if it is you. Ahhh! I was spending time around someone a lot that had Mars opposite Lilith...... now I haven’t done much looking into this aspect but my spider senses felt heavily both of these energetically during my time around this person..... eeeek.
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