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Hi everyone
My question is was the psychic right. Ascendant is in Leo. Psychic is Jupiter, because every sort of divination is ruled by 9th house.Jupiter is in his own house in Aries, in Suns exalation. Sun(me) is in his own exalation and triplicity in 9th house in Aries and conjuct Jupiter (psychic).Moon is in Taurus in my 10th house, in his own exalation. Ascendant is in fix sign, so it gives yes as an answer. Ruler of 9th house in 9th house, gives yes as answer too.But in cardinal house.So, was the psychic right?


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dr. farr

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(Following is not in accordance with standard horary delineation and uses whole sign house format)

-Lot of Truth/Falsity (a 9th house Lot) (asc+moon-mercury) falls @ 4 Capricorn
-Mars, lord of the 9th house, flows away from the Lot = - for truth
-Sun, universal Truth significator, flows away from the Lot = - for truth
-Moon, co-significator of the quesited (the psychic-following Ibn Ezra on use of the Moon for quesited) flows away from the Lot = - for truth
-Lot itself falls in the cadent (whole sign) 6th house; its dispositor, Saturn, is retrograde and falls in the cadent (whole sign) 3rd house: so the lot is weak in placement and dispositorship

So there are all - testimonies; however, the Lot is in conjunction with the star Polis, which gives "keen perceptions", which MIGHT reverse these other testimonies: I think the indications of the horary are "probably the psychic was wrong"...but with Polis here it might well be that the psychic was partly right and partly wrong-if Polis had not been conjunct the Lot I would have said "definitely wrong", but the Polis conjunction does modify my delineation...
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