Psychic Experience or Nuts? Is it in my chart??


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Posted: Feb 23, 2009 12:35 AM Okay.... I have been holding in for so long. I feel I need to express myself with some open minded people that are on a different level than the people around me in my life.

I don’t think I am going crazy, but If I were to tell someone that would be the first thing to cross there minds.

Well let me start off by saying I dream alot. I have been having alot of colorful dreams since I was a little child, and I can remember alot of them.

A year ago I start dreaming of events, and then the next day they will happen.

Also around the same time last year I think I may have developed clairaudience.

Last spring my brother bought a brand new car and gave me his old infinity. It wasen’t in my name yet but I being a nuckle head, and was driving it without license....
One morning I woke up and I had planned to drive the car to DMV place to take the written test. A voice in my head said "Do not get in the car"
It seemed more than just a thought. It kept repeating.

I got in the car anyways and about 5 minutes later the car engine broke down on me.

But what really freaks me out is that I have had thoughts in my head, but what I hear sounds like me (sometimes) but will speak in sentences that don’t sound like something I would say.
This has happend several times where a thought would pop up in response to something I am thinking or doing and the time, but in words that aren’t in my vocabulary, and I would look in the dictionary to verify the meanings....and the meanings would relate to what I was doing or thinking of.

Once when I woke up I heard a voice calling my name. This was for sure not me thinking to myself.

I looked online to see what I can find on hearing things and I came across the word "clairaudience"

What do you guys think? Am I nuts? Is this my spirit guide or a deceased one, or both? I only know one deceased person and some of this happen before he died.

I also think I astral project in my dreams without will. They just feel tooooo real.

Does anyone see anything in my birth chart that may relate to my experinces?

Feb 2nd 1986 born Atlanta, Georgia at 5:43 A.M.
Moon and Pluto in scorpio 10th house
Saturn and Mars in Sag 11th house
Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn 12th house
Sun, Venus, Mercury in Aquarius 1st house
Jupiter in Aqaurius 2nd House
Chiron in Gemini 5th house
North Node in 4th house taurus
Capricorn AC
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hello Goddess,
i would tell you that you are lucky! thats awesome that you have connected with your spirit guides! listen to them they are trying to help you. Your soul on a higher level or plane is ready for this.

I would think that Jupiter ruler of your 12th house of subconscious (maybe a gaurdian angel is speaking to you) anyway Transiting Jupiter in aquarius is about to conjnct your sun ruler of your 8th house, which will expand 8th house issues :) .
And neptune is in your 12th house very happy because neptune in 12th enhances spirituality, also the ruler of your 9th house is about to be conjuncted by your 12th house ruler! which sextile Uranus so maybe they will come erratically these events wow! you will be connecting to another realm for sure. how exciting.
also your POF is in 9th higher learning, religions etc, which trines all of the palnets in your first house! You may benefit from your powers if developed properly..
you can research Neptune and its powers when placed in the 12th house.
IMO yes you are prone to these psychic experiences! enjoy them, work with them, RESPECT & honor them..if i were you i would research THe Pineal Gland and its functions on a spritiual level..


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Dont think you need a chart to tell you that these occurrnaces are happening. Find some people more experienced in this field to guide you to understanding what is happening to you. Can be difficult to deal with stuff that you might not be able to explain to the people close to you.

So find some people that experience similar things. Ask for the teachers for your highest good.... then something usually comes along.

Once you have some reference for your experiences astrology may well become of valuable assisstance.



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Aqu, your thread was moved to the Greenhorns because you did not attempt your own interpretation at it.
Could I ask you if you can please change the colour of your letters as it is quite difficult to read with all this pink. A smaller size would also be preferable so posts dont get too long.

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I believe it to be your higher self / spirit guide.
If it starts running your life and doesn't let you make your own decision, it might be something else.

My mother when she was young could communicate with her spirit guide, a male.
They sometimes got in to heated discussions, but he never ever told her what to do,
only adviced her and she listened if she wanted.
Then after becoming older, the voice just went away.

These types of things are going to continue becoming more and more common,
especially with some adults and kids from the generation of the 80's and 90's.
The one's born in late 90's...I don't know much about.


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I have had similar experiences. The loudest one being the "D, your pregnant'"
My eyes popped wide open after that. It woke me up.

I do have some indications of it in my chart, and I am pretty sure I have the ability to develop clairaudience

Have you ever heard of the Indigo kids? That might be up your alley. It sure has helped me understand a lot.

I don't think your crazy. Of course I have a hard time trying to convince myself I'm not crazy.
Clairaudience is quite rare and is found in the throat chakra. True clairaudience is hearing different voices,male, female, young, old, different dialects regionally.

What you are hearing, cos its your own voice is mental telepathy from your guides, helpers and inspirers..... this is THE most common form of communication mediums use.

It may be worth trying to find a spiritualist church and make enquiries as to a 'development circle' if you want to expand and grow with or just have things explained to you more....