Progressions in synastry?



How important are the progressions in synastry and will positive aspects in the progressions help balance out any of the negatives in the natal charts? How long are the progressed aspects good for?


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Progressions are great as an indicator for meeting someone that you may marry, but if the natal charts don't have some good stuff to hold a good base for the realtionship you might find that when the progressed aspects change
to the "not so good" ones, things can fall apart.

Bad Progressions to a good Natal chart work up can cause a bumpy ride,
but Bad Progressions working off just a Progression work up, will
show all the nasty's that are in the Natal synastry and then some.:rolleyes:

Morghana Stellara

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I have always had good luck with progressed composites - especially with the position of the progressed moon.

I've always wondered about progressed synastry..... I really look forward to seeing what others have to say about this! :69:


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Yes, Yes, Yes, I just joined and my question was about progressions and synastry! Love to hear what others think, know or intuit.