Progressed sun conjunct lilith


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How would you interpret a Progressed sun conjunct natal lilith (in aries in 5th house)?

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It would depend upon to which Lilith you are referring. The physical asteroid or the several non-physical calculated points that bear the name. Also the aspects that are made to them by the physical planets.

The 5th house refers to creative self expression, the parent-child relationship, hobbies, gambling, and is renowned as 'the house of love (affairs)'; not necessarily towards one's self.
Aries is the sign of assertive activity in every sense, the 'I am who I am' even if it only boils within. Strength, courage ....or weakness of them??
Sun rules all 'matters of the heart', usually in accordance with the house realm that sees Leo on its cusp (or intercepted).

Working with MEAN and TRUE Black Moon Liliths that seem to strongly refer to 'non-existence' in some form or other, I've seen 5th house positions which corresponded to the effect of one-parent upbringing/family, the pseudo-parent, no link to (or desire for) parenthood; the 'forbidden', extra-marital, or (un)requited love that does not see the light of physical fruition; yet also that internal natural (flame = Aries) talent seeking outer expression in its physical form.

S.P. Sun conjunct MEAN Lilith can deal with the surfacing and admittance of someone/something within self who/which has long been denied, very often dealing with those internal images formed in childhood. TRUE Lilith inclines to show their reality ... or not... and the (haunting) effect they have had on the individual.

Any recognition (or not) in feedback would be appreciated.



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If you mean Black Moon Lilith, not the asteroid Lilith, this would be a good time to let out your inner wild woman. I don't mean doing anything self-destructive, just that you don't have to follow the rules as much as other people want you to.

The 5th house, in addition to children, deals with recreation and leisure activities. Love affairs belong here in the sense of flirting or sex-for-fun, vs. committed relationships (a 7th house matter.) If you've ever wanted to try an outdoor sport that pushed you beyond your comfort zone, this would be a good time for it.