progressed sun 12th house


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what can i expect, i have stellium in 12th and my sun progresses there
does somebody has a link or knowledge about progressed sun in 12th house ?:unsure::tongue:


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anyone? :andy:


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Specific 2ndary progressions of your Sun to natal planets with have specific impacts. However, you will experience a major life transition as your Sun moves into Capricorn from SaG by progression.

You will begin to experience a bit less of the frivilousness that might be characterized by SAgittarius. Capricorn will bring a serious soberness to your view of the world. And, while you cared less about how people thought of you, will be a bit more sensitive to this. Don worry about becoming a conservative Capricorn since you were not born in this sign, but you will find that you are more receptive to the conservative views, and you do occasionally worry about things.

Specific impacts to the Planets in the Stellium will have to be looked at separately.