Progressed Moon in Cancer


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Would anyone like to share their experience with this or Progressed Moon going through natal 4th house? I've been trying to gather info on this but there isn't much out there unfortunately.

My Progressed Moon is still in Gemini for a little while and will soon move to Cancer, an energy that is completely alien to me!

Progressed Moon also conjuncted my natal IC (as well as opposed my natal stellium) a few months ago and quite strangely I have absolutely NOTHING to report...

What about yourselves?


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I have natal moon in cancer and I blame it for creating bipolar-ish situation. It doesn't bother me. I think it is rather cool. I can't stay depressed for long because a mood swing usually pulls me out with ease. I'd rather ride an emotional roller coaster than be longterm depressed. I think the mood swings are driven by the above average susceptibility to the transiting moon, so watch the moon as it changes signs.

It also aligns your subconscious behaviors and emotions with things oriented to cancer and the 4th house. It could be pleasurable or stressful depending on condition of these areas in your life.

With all that said, I'm not sure how intense it would be as progression for sag moon native. I see you have sun-moon conjunction in sagittarius. That is some serious conscious/unconscious integration.


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Thanks !4C

Luckily I am not naturally prone to depression and I am focusing on the fact that Moon is at home in Cancer and in the 4th house. But, it will also square natal Pluto in early Libra so I gather it could be interesting times.