Progressed House Cusps Personal Stories?


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Eighteen days ago my secondary progressed 3rd/9th house cusp shifted from Virgo/Pisces to Libra/Aries. My reaction to it has been profound. I assume that other things are contributing to my shift, but the only thing that matches with the timing to my new paradigm shift is that secondary progressed house cusp shift.

I would have expected feeling completely different with a progressed angle shift (Asc/Desc or IC/MC into a new sign), but not the 3rd/9th! I would have thought the shift would be more subtle... instead it feels like I woke up reprogrammed!

What are other people's experiences with secondary progressed house cusp sign changes? Was the shift subtle or dramatic?


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Progressed mars on my 2nd house cusp conjunct natal uranus opposition chiron. at the same time the progressed asc hit my radix uranus on the 2nd house cusp.

uranus is ruler from 5th, mars of 7th on the asc in libra with many aspects.

i get really easily angry in this period, so intense angry and frantic about things that happend long time before, that some doctors give me tranquilizers but that stuff doesnt help and let me get more angry and totally lost of control, feeling attacked by everyone and everything for around 3 - 4 years and get many criminal records but this have doesnt interest me.
then i beginn to smoke pot, to control this huge aggression and it works fine,

now is mars 2 ° further of radix uranus and i feel a little bit more inner freedom and quit to smoke pot, but maybe thats the transit neptune opposition my radix sun, to find my inner peace with bad things. but i'm happy that authority enslaved people call me psychopath now because of my aggressions in this period, just stupid authority enslaved german people :)))) like the most germans are, little adolphs :p

my chart with progressions of today.
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