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Knowledgeable astrologers,

Quick question. Why does the progressed ascendant move more quickly for some & slower for others? I've been trying to understand this but can't. I've looked for the answer everywhere but can't find it. Is the answer that simple?

For example, my progressed asc has moved 55 degrees in 39 years. A friend's chart has it moving only 24 degrees in 32 years. I'm lost for the answer. I'd think it would move at the same pace, just like the planets except if going retrograde or stationary. But perhaps the angles play by their own rules. If u need charts, I'll link them.

If the answer is that easy then I'll just feel stupid. I'm not a professional astrologer.
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simple answer here, it's all due to latitude and longitude and time you were born. There are signs of long ascension like Cancer, Virgo and Leo, and sign of short ascension like Aquarius, pisces.....

Think of 24hours in a day, you may think logically that each sun sign has a two hours slot-- but no it's very very common to have Cancer, virgo and Leo on Asc cos they get 'approx' 4 - 4.5hours rising. Therefore, it takes long for these Ascendents to progress onto the next sign.

As you have stated and another example my friend 9'20" Saggi rising now age 42, but his prog Asc has moved 51' = 9' Scorpio. Now in comparison I'm 1' Aquarius rising age 52 and my progressed Asc = 25' Taurus moving 114'

Hope this helps


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Astrologer50, thank you. I understand your explanation perfectly. Two of the 'slow' cases I'm thinking of are Libra & Virgo Rising. Me also being Aquarius Rising, we're quicker, maybe luckier? Thanks for your knowledge & thoughtful response. xoxo