Progressed AC in Cancer, Progressed moon cojunct Natal NN in capricorn (7th)


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I know that Nodes are important in our lives, but what if my pr moon in capricorn is cojunct my natal North node in 7th house?

My north node is to build good partnerships with solid foundations, but I have difficulty relating (I have ADHD and generally have a hard time interacting with someone in person. Not out of shyness because I am very articulate, but rather because I can't pay attention to others.) what they say or interrupt impulsively. This is misinterpreted as me not caring about the person or what they are saying, even if I explain it anyway, they don't understand why they haven't experienced it at this level, so I can't maintain friendships)
Could you help me with your opinions to read this part of my progressed chart?


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