Progeny analysis and questions


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I would like some guidance on my D7 chart as I am a beginner and some of the info below was given to me by an astrologer. My details: 14 March 1996, 18:49, Singapore, Singapore.

My D1 Rasi Chart: 5th house lord is Jupiter in conjunction with Moon.

My ascendant in D-7 falls under Capricorn (Even sign). Since I am female & D7 ascendant is even, I look @ the 9th, 7th, 5th, 3rd houses for individual pregnancies. Am I right to analyse that, since there isn’t any lord in 9th:

1st child – 5th house lord (Venus); placed in 7th house in Even sign Cancer (Likely: Female)

Q1) Why is it ‘5th house lord in this section instead of ‘7th’ house lord? (Since when I see Venus, it’s under the section with no. 7.) If you look at Moon in the supposed 5th house, does the Moon indicate anything?

2nd child – 3rd house lord (Jupiter), Jupiter placed in 4th house in Odd sign Aries (Likely: Male)

Q2) I am confused by 4th house over here. Is it 3rd instead of 4th?

Q3) Is there any combination for 3rd child, and if yes/no, how can I tell from this D7 chart?



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Before going to D-7, we have to understand D-1 and D-9 properly.
Affliction of D-1 on fifth house and its lord Jupiter and D9 fifth house has debilitated Mercury. But D-7 has improved connection - exchange of Moon with Moon. Lord of ascendant of D-7 is in the house of fortune.
Now your query, according to D-1 and D-9, chances of male but D-7 indicates for female child.
(This is all subject to your own desire), because ascendant lord of D-1 is with Saturn, which is controlling house of progeny in this chart. Or may be due to some other reason.
Number of children are depending on your and partner's wish (indications from Sun and Saturn in D-1 chart)