Probable previous life ?


Hello everyone, I have long felt connections with a person who died years before my birth
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Your DNA in our natal's a vid discussing what is DNA astrology. He discussed something about the 4 stars, one of them is Ashwini, which is the first, is of great importance in regards to family, past lives and personal fate.

The first of the 4 stars of 28 nakshatras (in the 0-13' degrees of Sidereal Aries).

I don't know my natal chart "DNA" is in Aries, which is my 10th or close to midheaven. The planets Venus in 7' Aries and Eris in 21' (largest of the dwarfs), asteroids Eros in 2' and Pallas in 0'; and some say dwarf planet, others say asteroid Ceres in 14' is in there. This is in tropical or western astrology, not sidereal or vedic.

For 16-30' Cancer: Ashlesha. It is influenced by the planet Mercury vs. the sun For Ashwini. It is my ascendant sign degree: 17' 33" Cancer conjunct 14' Juno.

And definitely that's me: Sun in 20-30' Aquarius but includes 0-3' Pisces people (I'm in 26' Aquarius conjunct 20' moon - Feb 15th).

I learned Anuradha is the "heart" of the scorpion: 0-13' Scorpio (Antares the red star in or around 7'). But would all of Scorpio be like this? My GF's birthday is the second half of Scorpio from 15-30'.
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Hello everybody: baci:. I have been feeling connected to a woman who died 4 years before my birth for some time now. I don't want to draw conclusions, saying it was my past life, but our synastry almost confirms the fact that we may have the same soul.

Tropical synastry :
my Moon is in its 12th house ( its ascendant is in the same sign as my moon)
my north node conjuncts her Sun
her Moon conjuncts exactly my Uranus
her Mars square my Saturn
my Neptune square her Neptune
her Lilith opposite my Lilith
our asteroid names are exactly conjuncts ( at 0 degrees)
my DNA conjuncts her asteroid Alma
my asteroid Karma conjuncts her MC
her DNA conjuncts my north node
our Spirit asteoirds are conjuncts (at 4 degrees , like the years that pass from his death to my birth)
my Pluto in her 12th house

Draconic synastry
my dr. Sun exactly ( 0 degrees) conjuncts her dr. Sun and her dr. DNA ( This is the aspect that most confirmed my suspicions )
my dr Moon , dr Mercury and dr Venus are in the same signs as yours.
my dr karma conjuncts her dr ascendant
my dr Pluto conjuncts her Reiki
my dr Mars is in the same sign as her tropical Mars , the same is true for Neptune
my dr Pluto is in the same sign and conjuncts ( at 1 degrees) her tropical Pluto.
It's said that the sign in which your draconic Pluto is located , indicates the period in which you were born in the previous life . These are just the most interesting aspects that I have written.
keep in mind that
the more than three hundred and sixty thousand people

all born that same day worldwide :smile:

would have same aspects as well