Pretty please, explain to me my 6th and 7th house


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Well, i think i have too many planets in my 6th and 7th house. And thats why i feel like i dont understand what is going on lol. Weird thing is that i havent work yet at my age (25), even with that prominent 6 house... aaand i have been totally single and alone for 5 years too. Suggestions, ideas, anyone?


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If your birth time is correct, there is no such thing as "too many planets" in a particular house. Your chart is a very stylized picture of the heavens at the moment you were born. It is what it is.

Your 7th house concentration says that being in a permanent relationship is very important to you: whether you have one now or not.

Uranus in the 6th house can make it difficult to keep a steady job. But the 6th house also rules your health and the principle of service.

Your 10th house says more about your vocation in life.


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Hello Delulu,

you can improve your consistency that the other person is interested in you when you really feel loved, this thus promotes love. The other must see your commitment to what you aspire to, which is favorable to the relationship to be recognized. Probably in recent months you have been trying to advance the job search and have tended to want to realize the relationship with the other, etc.

From the beginning of August 2024, you will want to achieve a goal while knowing your relationship with others, absolutely wanting to be recognized, which will be your concern. This will be in favor of taking to heart the fact of being appreciated and tending to want to have a result in relation to the consideration that you will be shown, thus favoring what you like. From February 2025, what will make you evolve and will be of interest to you will be to unite with others, while communing with what you love, and the attention that will be given to you, while within you engaging in what you aspire to, being the object of interest in you. You will be attentive and have a passionate side in your relationships with others. You will tend to be in communion with what you love, favoring the relationship and you will listen to advance what you have to do by putting it forward. This will be in favor of valuing yourself through relationships with others. From mid-August 2025, what will have an impact on you will be wanting to realize the love you want the other to have for you by taking it to heart. This will lead you to be recognized in the relationship by absolutely wanting to have a result...

The years 2027 and more 2028 will be notable with the transits of Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Ecliptique. :)