Prejudices and astrology


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I want to speak with you about this matter:
what do you think is the most involved zodiacal values involved in prejudices?
Whose characters are most involved in prejudicial attitudes?
And whose are the characters you think most target of it?
My point of view is that the so-called negatives are akin to it (rather than the positives).
What I think is that no trans-saturnian principle is truly spared from being target of prejudice (even in our so technological world, it seems that Uranus met prejudice).


Maybe Mercury?
The thing of prejudices is that there's the idea that you can put things and people into boxes: analyze, division, and precision, it seems like Mercury to me.
Gemini is known to be snobbish too, attracted only by the cool and upbeat things, and Virgo, despite being a mutable signs, is one of the most fixed, with its rigidity and closure to see the big piece, preferring to let everything undergo a surgical inspection.
I see Neptune, ruling Pisces and Sagittarius, as a good counterpart to this divisional process. Geographical and mental horizons that must be broadened, and experienced.


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50% of the Zodiac is of a conservative bent so there are countless aspects that could tend one towards a more prejudice outlook on life as opposed to a more open minded or liberal stance.


When you do astrology that's always the trick to keep in mind, you know for example that a planet means something specific, but it depends where it is, how it is, what energy it has, and in the end all of these things must be accorded one to the other...
Some say that's an Uranian quality of astrology... to me it's quite Mercurial and Neptunian, to separate and unite, in an endless flow, such as that of a circle.


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Hmmm.....this could come out in so many ways.

To start, id think the fixed signs (def more than mutable) are least likely to be open to change or different ideas. And definitely look at what's going on with the moon, as that will reflect one's history, deep-seated habits/needs. For example, the sign of Taurus is known for being very fixed on tradition and routine, the tried and true. Individuals with strong Taurus placements such as moon or mercury in Taurus tend to carry a strong bias for whatever is considered "the way it ought to be" or the way it has been.

But seriously..... This question can only be answered up to a point. Issues like prejudice never stem from just one's own natal configuration. Prejudice is a byproduct of the larger social context in which one has been shaped.

Maybe a good starting point for you is to study Hitler's chart. And consider what you find against the historical period in which he lived, such as how his individual makeup may have interpreted the world around him.