pregnancy and transits


I would like to hear thoughts on pregnancy and transits
the little I have uncovered implies Jupiter/Ceres transits
any thoughts?

I have an upcoming trine btwn transiting Jup and my natal Ceres in Gemini (23 degrees) chart is attached
I am figuring the retrograde in the summer won't count and I am looking at some time btwn Oct and Dec 2009

Oct 13 Jup DIRECT 17 degrees Aquarius
Dec 15 Jup 23 degrees Aquarius

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oops I thought I attached my chart
here it is


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i have heard of the importance of ceres in pregnacy. also the 5th house for kids. also transits between mars and jupiter. you have a real humdinger coming up when transiting jupiter hits your heavily aspected venus. jupiter goes retrograde over it too. so that will be late may, mid july Rx then early january 2010. that nice grand trine with venus, mars and ceres will be activated.

i couldn't help but notice you have been affected in a big way by the last eclipses. the solar on your sun and the lunar on your moon, wow! you must feel energized or something atleast.


I kind if figured no pregnancy would result during the retrograde
but whoa I hadn't thought about a big trine involving my mars and venus as well as Ceres but of course that is the case!

I do recall the Last lunar eclipse in Leo was absolutely horrible for me
it felt like someone blacked out my heart
I am fine now and energized!

I want to check the dates on that


Thanks for this thread, I already had some knowledge of the pregnancy transits but this sheds a little more light! I have lots of transits indicating the possibility coming up....Uranus conjunct ruler of 5th/Jupiter, Pluto in the 5th sextile sun/8th and Uranus/4th, Ruler of progressed 5th trine Mars and oppose Jupiter, progressed moon sextile Mars, trine Jupiter and then soon after trine moon and Venus...and as a matter of fact my progressed Jupiter will conjunct ceres and trine moon. Asteroid child sextiles my 5th ruler in my natal....never used that asteroid before! Those are pretty indicative, however I think this may also be a great time for me creatively...which I am hoping! Whatever it is, it's still creating!
I'm not obsessed with becoming a parent, but if it happens thats cool. :)


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I looked at my child asteroid in my natal chart and it forms a fire grand trine with jupiter, moon, venus, NN, saturn.


Moulin said:
I looked at my child asteroid in my natal chart and it forms a fire grand trine with jupiter, moon, venus, NN, saturn.

Well, i don't doubt there is a relation here but i'm not going to intentionally test it out!:D


This is looking good I believe:
"my progressed Jupiter will conjunct ceres and trine my moon"

I do not get this asteroid child business
I just checked it's loaction and it is 12 degrees taurus!
that is exactly conjunct my North Node!
Ceres in the horoscope shows the early nurturing we received and how we nurture others. It also directly rules food and clothing. I have seen two cases of professional designers who had Ceres aspecting Pallas (which rules the ability to see patterns).
Ceres in the Signs shows our nurturing style and the types of things that make us feel nurtured. Ceres in the Houses shows where we are most likely to express our nurturing side and also where we can best receive nurturing. To find out more about Ceres and the other asteroids, the best book available is Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George.

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I haven't heard that Ceres is connected to children, that's a new one on me...



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well that was interesting reading...;)

I looked up my progressions
and transists
what do you think it means when..

trans jup is conj my natal venus 4th H
trans mars just conj 5th house
pro ceres is conj my natal sat in 5th h
transiting ceres is opposing this?

all im wondering is if im still fertile at 40:confused:


well that astrologer Reilly said transits between Ceres and Jupiter
although Saturn and ceres may mean something, it wouldn't be good based on Reilly's theory probably
and if you have Pisces in the 5th then T Jupiter will enter there in a year
where is you natal Jup and natal Ceres?


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saturn can mean a few things, im not allways sure its bad.
planet of karma, stability, hard work.
so ceres and jupiter.. okies.

I noticed a few connections intertwining with my natal pro and transits. just got me thinking about it further.

i was reading venusfriends post and was inspired by the venus and jupiter connection along with ceres
my natal ceres is actually 17deg aquarius
venus is 11 aquarius
natal jupiter is 18 taurus in my 7th
5th h is 29deg aquarius
picses is intersepted there.
Ive never had a problem having children. infact the opposit.

so when i was noticed that jupiter is currently 16deg aqu almost conj my ceres. and venus is currently around 12 deg aries (r)
making a nice sextile, i looked to see my progressions. to see the pro ceres just hit my 5th & conj natal saturn ....and transiting ceres opposing this in 11th

too much connections not to mean something, dont know what it means yet .. im working on it:p

thanks for your reply andrea


oh YES!! SOMETHING is definitely going on!!!
I can see Jup crossing your natal ceres and you get pregnant and then when it hits your natal Saturn you give birth!!
bkz of course Saturn is about discipline and responisbility and Karma
looking good

I assume you WANT to get pregnant??

what is interesting to me is that you and I have similar charts!
I have aquarius in the 4th, Saturn in Pisces in the 5th
Saturn indicates delays in child birth, late pregnancy
my aunt has saturn in her 5th and she had many miscarriages before she had her 1 and only child, then a doctor removed her only functioning ovary without her permission!!

my ceres is in Gemini in 8th house
jupiter is tining it back and forth all thru the summer
but I hope to get pregant after the retrograde in the fall
I think uranus will be conjunct my Saturn in 5th by then, I have to check

let's stay in touch to see what happens !!