Prediction about marrige.


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I am just like a new born kid in this area, Unfortunatly I had breakup with my fieancy, so I was very upset, and since then i started to study Astro. not sure, why this happend? I have lot of questions in my mind, trying to resolve all of them, can you please help me out on this..?


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i assume you know some basics, so you know why you broke up in past.
retrograde 5th lord in 5th will give heartbreaks and also it being 5th cusp sublord.

7th sublord sani being Rx will give delayed wedding(in 30s)
so it will come somewhere between 2013-2015 during Jup-Jup dasa and precisely when jupiter transits its own constellation punarvasu (2013-14)


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Hi virinchi,

Can you please look up for the given chart as well,

Asc- Libra
Sun,ven,merc in Asc.
Sat in 2nd
rahu in 6th
Jup in 7th
Mars, Ketu,Moon 12th

it was my fiancies.