Predicting number of children in a chart


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How does the natal birth chart predict how many children you will have?


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Predicting number of children in a chart, to River


There are a variety of astrological methods to predict the number of children using an astrological chart, as you can see by Googling "astrological prediction of number of children". However, astrologers dispute the accuracy of using these sorts of methods.

Partly this is because exact prediction is seen by modern astrologers as being tied into people having a "fated" life where everything in their life has been laid out, and modern astrologers don't like this way of thinking about the world. Modern astrologers prefer to discuss the chart in terms of likelihood of pregnancy and not in terms of exactly how many children a woman will have.

However, there are traditional astrologers, who study older astrological methods who are comfortable with prediction and do have methods for predicting the number of children in a chart. In particular Vedic (Indian) astrology has traditional methods of determining the number of children a person will have.

These astrological predictions are NOT guarantees of a result but simply the way astrologers give their "best guess" about the situation, given the natal condition of the woman's planets in her chart.

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