Predicting Muhammad Ali's Career Using William Lily


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Many feel that predicting job of Native is difficult. But I think it is very easy to predict. Even though followers of William Lily often wrong in predicting career of native, job of native. What is the cause of this error? In my opinion, because we forget Astrology is synthetic art. we should not to see only Lily's predicting career track. we have to see where income comes from native's chart and Where fame comes from native's chart. Vincent Van Gogh has great Talent in art. but he was poor.

My Astrology teacher is Christopher Warnock. And I think Renaissance Astrology is perfect to predict job and career.

Let's see chart o Muhammad Ali, a greatest Boxer


January, 17th 1942 18:35pm birth place: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

If we only used Lily Career check list, then only his career is Mercury: Speech, poet, astrologer, scientist, teacher, working with document.

But let's see the part of fortune, the indicator of Money luck. his part of fortune square with Mars which has triplicity but detriment. It could mean that this native get money from Mars(soldier, fighting with other, job need brave heart). Some may say that Mars is in detriment so it can't be his job. But Mars is in detriment in Venus sign could indicate Venus type martial arts(Karate battle, soccer player or chef) And Mars square with Sun and Sun is in his face. It means Mars can give him fame.

In addition, Ali was entertainer and poet. Lily's career prediction techniques are very correct.

Some may say that Astrologer must predict only one job like a god. I often predict only one job accurately. If one chart show that Venus gives fame, money and talent of art. then I will say that your job is artist! or making people pleasure!!! But this kind of definite chart is very rare..

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