Practice Chart with known answer. Will I visit X location next month?


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I'll give the answer in a few days.

will i visit.png


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Looking at the chart, Sun (L9) has passed a sextile with Jupiter Lord 1.
However, moon has also departed from Jupiter - signifying travel
Jupiter is near the IC "home" but it has recently changed signs.

I feel like you didn't, since everything is separating.

dr. farr

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By Ankara the answer is no as well;
you = 1st = Sagittarius = jupiter
3rd house (if the place is local) =aquarius = saturn; 9th house(if place is away) = leo = sun
jupiter flows away from saturn (- if local) sun flows away from Jupiter (- if away); no forming aspects to modify the scores; moon flows away from saturn (-) but towards sun (+) = net 0; overall score for either local or away = -1; = a no answer (‘actually a probably no answer) to the question.


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The answer is a No.

if this question is about Long-distance travel: The L1 and L9 are Separating, in a 2units.( you could have dropped the thoughts within 2 minutes or 2 days since you asked the question to yourself.

If this question is about short-distance travel, the L1 and L3 do not have any aspects.

Is this travel related to your family or your father? or have you dropped the idea because of the family or your father?


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I feel Mercury has this air energy (travel by car or air) combust in the 6th house. did you cancel the travel due to work or health?