potencial for mass murderer in natal chart

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is there danger in this person to become a killer ?
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You can't really read this chart unless it's an exercise in speculation. Without an exact birthtime (this chart is for 12 noon--time unknown) you can't get the ascending degree. No ASC = no houses. No houses means you miss a good chunk of what the chart is saying. You can analyze the aspects, but you must leave out the Moon because it moves so fast. And the Moon would be a key factor.


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In my professional opinion(both as an astrologer and a counseling psychologist), you have to look further in a chart for mass murder.

You need to look for element of insensitivity to others, for isolation, for desperation, etc. And you need to be aware that there won't be a measure in a natal chart. You must look forward to the return charts, to the progressed charts.

When you see a series of aptitudes and attitudes in the natal, and then you see a series of very difficult circumstances in return charts and in progressed charts, you will see only a potential. Human free will causes action that is at variance from the tendencies of the chart in up to 20% of cases.

So I don't believe that you can peg a circumstance. I lived a very difficult childhood. My mother was rather mean to me and so was my father. But it wasn't bad enough for me to become do revengeful that I could only feel better by violent acts. That's the key here. The individual is in such twisted pain that they can only feel better by inflicting pain on others.

This infliction of pain on others to alleviate personal pain is, in my opinion, central to these mass murderers. And it was certainly the case in the Amish Shootings, where in my capacity as a counseling psychologist, I was involved.


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To All,

This thread is being closed. From watching it develop, we have had astrologers point out there are more psychological factors than we can probably find in the chart, and that the chart is not accurate, which from basic astrology knowledge, we all know nothing accurate can be gleaned. There is an irresponsibility to continue to arbitrarily guess at aspects that millions have and go "ah ha" with out empirical data for such a serious subject that has torn up the fabric of the world. At this point the thread has met the threshold of being a trolling thread meant to disrupt the forum and reason for the shutting down.

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