Possible Kite Formation?


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Hi there guys, I'm new to the forum. I've been studying astrology for a little while now, after being turned on to it by a friend of mine (Scorpio moon, ironically.) I recently looked up my visual natal chart, and discovered what aspects were. Up until now, I just looked at them and thought to myself, "What the heck does all this mean? Trines, sextiles, oppositions? Ooookay." Anyway, I thought I saw some interesting stuff, so I thought I'd come here to get a better perspective.

When I look at the chart itself, I see that Mars and Pluto are in Trine, while both mars and pluto are in sextile relationship to Neptune. Does this make a T-square in itself? Or something different? I'm not sure what it'd be called. Also, I notice the line of opposition between Uranus, I think, and something else. (I can't quite make it out. Maybe it's in the tables to the bottom.) Next, I look at the relationship Mars has to some of the planets in my 6th and 7th houses. It looks like it might make a Grand Trine /almost/. I'm not really sure about the details. I put in the coordinates I have for my birth locality, Rocky Mount NC, as 77w47 35n56. If I wanted to be picky, I was able to locate the actual coordinates of the hospital I was born in *chuckle*. (Lat. 35[deg]57'47'' N, long. 77[deg]51'19'' W) If Astrodienst allowed, I would probably input those and see what popped out :p. But what I think is also likely in interpreting my chart, is that because I have a lot of those planets like Venus and Mercury at the end of house six and around house seven, perhaps some great thing in my life depends on a partnership with another person (maybe we form a kite together? I have a person in mind, but I don't have his chart at the moment.)

In other consideration, I see that I have Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in the first house, with Saturn and Uranus conjunct with one another. What exactly would this mean, taking all these factors into consideration? That I'm a royal space cadet? :p

In looking at horoscope patterns (research through Google, hehe), I believe mine either resembles a See-Saw or a Splay, though perhaps the Splay is achievable when I'm mixed with some other individual that completes me, so to speak?

I also see that the inner and outer planets seem to be clustered together with many lines of opposition between them, and, intuitively, somehow Mars Trine Pluto seems to be the bridge. Am I just making things up for ego's sake? :p

Thanks for all your consideration,

P.S. I don't seem to be able to post my Astro.com birth chart link because of a post-count limit. In that case, I was born June 14, 1988, at 8:20 PM EDT.
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Hi V,

The Mars/Neptune/Pluto configuration is a "Minor Grand Trine".

Uranus is conjunct Saturn and both are opposite a conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Venus/Chiron/Moon

Mars makes a very wide square to the 6/7th house planetary conjunction - but it's probably too wide to have much influence on you until later in life.

You are correct about the importance of the 6/7th house planetary conjunction - but consider how it influences/affects your own behaviour and personality before assessing how a partner's planets can help. (You're thinking in the right way, but "jumping ahead" of the essential groundwork.)

The Saturn/Uranus/Part of Fortune conjunction in the first house makes you able to combine originality with discipline and the past/traditional with the future/modern - in ways that will prove "fortunate" for you.

I'd say see-saw chart pattern, but (again) you are right in thinking that you can use a partner's planets to enhance your own qualities.

Good observation on inner/outer planets. That's probably what the see-saw is about though, and I'd say Jupiter is the bridge rather than Mars/Pluto - as it forms a "learning triangle" with the opposing planets. The Mars/Pluto orbs are probably too wide to influence your opposing planets until later in life (when your sensitivity to planetary influences is likely to have increased).

Understanding those oppositions is the key to understanding yourself - so, that might be the best place to focus your attention initially.