Possibilities of a career in writing/illustration.


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So, ever since I was 8, I've always had this dream of publishing my stories, illustrated by myself as well, at age 13 I started to get serious about my drawings and currently I am studying how to draw people.

Well, originally my dream was animation but I realized that wasn't possible so I decided to go for something a little more possible and that I could still do to get my stories out there. At the same time, I want to illustrate them myself.
I am wondering if there are any indications of this dream becoming a reality (well, possibility would be a better word for this)

Also, I am wondering if I really have the talent for this, it seems I kind of lost my motivation to draw at the moment plus I feel like I am getting nowhere :unsure:

Anyways, according to the aspects I have, Moon Square Neptune, despite its tense parts, bestows the person with a good imagination, I remember reading somewhere Walt Disney had this aspect.

My Midheaven is sextile Venus & Mercury, though I am not sure if I should count this in as a possibility because from what I read, sextiles are considered "minor" aspects. My Midheaven is in Virgo, one of the careers it indicates is writing, which is great, but most of the other careers it indicates don't interest me whatsoever. :/ But with the ruler being in the 12th house, it might mean that it's a career behind the scenes.


According to this article I've read, having planets in the 12th house can bestow a person with artistic talent, despite the bad stuff that comes along, though I'm not sure if it depends on the planets that are placed there too or what. Heck, I'm not even sure whether Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are in my 11th or 12th because in some House Systems they're in the 11th and in some they're in the 12th and well, I am pretty much confused. @_@

I've read that Sun Square Saturn can thwart a person's ambitions/dreams, though, I am sure my "good" aspects can fend that off. My father, despite being emotional distant, is a good provider, though because of his rough past, he isn't able to connect with people emotionally. From the investigation I did on this aspect, some other people that also have this had it worse than I did though... The father was dead, gone or their life was a living hell. Maybe I'm just lucky? I do have a problem with self expression, though, it's slowly getting better. Sorry for getting off topic a bit.

Mercury Conjunct Venus and Jupiter I've read gives the person literary talent.

Neptune is in my 2nd house which could mean I could earn money through something involving the imagination?

Any help on figuring this out would be highly appreciated.


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You have a strong stellium in scorpio, besides a strong imagination with neptune influence and auspicious aspects between mercury and venus and jupiter. Intellectual, imaginative work dealing with sexuality/emotional depths will be fruitful. Sun sqr. saturn might hinder free expression but this should be taken in the light that saturn can act as a stern father, rather than as an impediment. Since MC is in virgo I think the ultimate goal vocation of your goal could be to efficiently serve.

You have really great natal arrangement for passionate creative work, plunge in (and pay heed to saturn).

Best wishes.


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Thanks a lot for the reply! So you think it's really possible then? That's perfect!
So stories dealing with the emotional and sexual parts of life would be perfect, huh? Haha it's funny because most of the story ideas I come up with always have something to do with either of those, especially the emotional part.

A stellium in Scorpio gives a person a good imagination too, huh? Well, now that I think of it, it does make sense, Scorpio being a water sign and all. I really should've thought about that...

My worst nightmare would be to end up doing something that doesn't use my imagination. Seriously, that would pretty much destroy me. :/ and it doesn't help that my mom doesn't care if I get a boring job, as long it pays good. She never actually cared about my talents anyway.


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I think you have every possibility to do something related with depth, passion and imagination. Your chiron is in 10th house which means that the central life lessons and vulnerabilities will come from your calling (not just vocation).

Take heed to saturn, institute a disciplined way to channel your self-expression and this journey will be marvellous!

Best wishes.


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9th house has to do with publishing in 12th house. Definitely you have the POTENTIAL---but do you have the structure or financial support to get it done or will it remain forever in a fantasy? This is what your sun is saying.
With all that stuff in your 12th house and Scorpio, your imagination is going wild. It doesn't necessarily mean an artistic career, but it certainly means an artistic mind, sparkling inside of you.

But the 12th house shows what's suppressed, so your problem is getting it out. Saturn in the 3rd house indicates that your friends are able to see your talents but they don't really welcome them. So, they are your audience at the same time as they are your hindrances.

To the extent you can make your friends accept your artistic expressions, you will be able to get them out into the open. Still, with the 12th house in Scorpio, you need to ask yourself at first if you really want the world to see what goes on in your mind.

Stefan Stenudd


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As an vedic astrologer I may give you an alternative wiew and interpretation from the normal western one.

1. You got a most magnificient 12th house with the two great benefics jupiter and venus. The 12th house stellium is placed in libra the sign of art. Venus is in it's own sign there giving strength to venus.
The Sun which is a soul indicator in libra too. This give a strong urge for creativity and giving expression for your strong 12th house inspiration and imaginary.

2. The node and mars in first house is giving the energy to manifest and willpower to go for your goals.

It is not an easy path of course, and the piscean nature of the 12th house sometimes give unrealistic dreams and hopes.
But for sure all this must be expressed in one way or another, whether professionally or as a hobby.

The 12th house is a house of foreign matters and dealings ( 9th from the 4th).
This suggests that working or acting from a distant place from your birth place is more beneficial. (This is accentuated by malefics influencing 4th house).
Living in a distant place/region, or traveling in work is common manifestations.
Or working for a company with foreign origin. Or export/import et.c.

Spirituality or spiritual career like yogateacher/therapeut or similar may perhaps also come up some time in the future.

Your vedic/sidereal chart below:


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First of all, in astrology, you should get accustomed to the idea that anything is possible and there are no certainties. So you will be confused always as long as you study astrology. There are tropical, sidereal zodiac, different house systems, aspects, all in all, a lot of confusing things in astrology.
Regarding your chart, in whole signs, you have Sagittarius rising with Rahu and Mars on it.

So Rahu in the first is hard on the person themselves, making them seem odd, outcaste, a little too unique etc.However, they can therefore be the source of something new and original. They are often leaders of innovation in some way.

Saturn square Pluto makes you research what you want to do for a career. It wants to get to the bottom of things. Your Saturn is in 3rd house, so you want proof by means of astrology that you will do the right career. Saturn in 3rd house also inclines you to be a slow learner, needing to repeat lessons learned until you learn them well. But it also can give you a good memory, once you have learned something well. Now, Mars in 1st can make you impatient and rash. It's advised to do some physical activity and lots of it. Now, with such a Mars you can consider work with metals or engineering or some technological field or surgery or even sports or anything competitive. Now in sidereal chart I see you have lots of Libran planets, perhaps a career with the public or with partners or arts or humans would be right for you. Scorpio also would be good for health related careers, as would be the 12th house. Now you do have a lot of planets in the 11th house, but the 11th house can mean a lot of things. It is said to be a relationship house. In the sidereal zodiac you have Moon in Virgo which can mean a career using computers or health or any kind of service work. Your strong Saturn however can lead you into communication work or travel or transportation work, or something where you get to move around or to express yourself or even to use your hands. Saturn should show success with heavy, dark or otherwise Saturnian things.Now with those two planets in your 2nd house your assets can tend to appear and disappear suddenly and mysteriously, so watch your assets and keep an eye on your wallet. Now with the 12th house Sun I think you can do well in some kind of position that involves behind the scenes work, although this does not exclude any public work by itself. More correlations to your sidereal Libra chart includes work with beauty, diplomacy, measuring, and perhaps even with legal issues. Midheaven in sidereal Leo suggest work with power or in an authority position or even in entertainment or speculation. There are a lot of possibilities, and I only listed some ideas for you to consider. Do continue to find out what you like best.
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@Stefan Stenudd: Mmm.. pretty spot on with what you said, yes, I do have a wild imagination and yes, having a problem getting it out is true, though, except with friends I can really trust.

But I didn't quite get the part about that they don't welcome them, do you mean that they could possibly be jealous of my talents that they don't bother helping me get them out hence, that's why they are my hindrances? If so then I don't think that's true, they're actually excited about reading my stories and want to be supportive of me in my work in anyway they can.

: Yeah, It's definately true for me, working in a distant place would definately benefit me since where I live currently, it's not the best of places to have many career options.
And huh, I never knew my Vedic chart has a Grand Trine. Atleast that's what it looks like to me.

@Nacho: Thanks for the career suggestions, I'll keep them in mind since I need a back up afterall. :smile:
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@Stefan Stenudd: Mmm.. pretty spot on with what you said, yes, I do have a wild imagination and yes, having a problem getting it out is true, though, except with friends I can really trust.
But I didn't quite get the part about that they don't welcome them, do you mean that they could possibly be jealous of my talents that they don't bother helping me get them out hence, that's why they are my hindrances? If so then I don't think that's true, they're actually excited about reading my stories and want to be supportive of me in my work in anyway they can.
Saturn in Aquarius and the third house suggests that among your friends it's expected of you to stand for reason and knowledge in a traditional way usually called wisdom, although in your imagination there's quite a turmoil with a lot of unknown, which inspires you. It's not a question of envy as much as it is expectation. Saturn is the planet of duty.

I wouldn't say your friends stand in your way, except for making things more complicated... It's the 12th house that stands for things difficult to express (such as the imagination and dreams, but also concrete obstacles, mainly those that make you compelled to some self-restriction). Therefore, it's usually expressed through aspects to planets outside of it, such as Saturn in the third house, but more importantly the powerful conjunction of Neptune and Uranus in the second house and Capricorn. That's the point through which you express your imagination.

Capricorn makes it concrete, but the second house makes it more of a capacity than an activity. It's a resource of yours, which influences and enriches everything you do - but it's not exactly a driving force of its own.

So, you definitely have a lot of talent and potential, but I wonder to what extent you will act it out. Also, the fact that all your planets are on the east half of the horoscope (houses 10 to 3) suggests being more than doing. I think the ideal for you is to find an artistic expression that's more about being than about doing - whatever that is. But doesn't it sound like a writer alone on his chamber, creating worlds in all stillness from inside his head?

Stefan Stenudd


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Don't forget the diginites and debilities of a chart. A lot of planets in the 12th house almost mitigates a planets power from 100% functionality to a mere 25% (assuming this is the only factor). Of course there are many saving factors to help this chart such as reception, dignities [other] in general and aspects (well more factors than the previously mentioned, but I won't list them all).

In tropical Astrology I see a Mutual Reception between the 12th and 1st. What with Mars being in Jupiter's sign [Sagittarius] and Jupiter being in Mars sign [Scorpio]. If I remember correctly, I think it was BobZemco (former member, though hopefully not) who wrote to me once in a PMessage when reading my Natal Chart, that a Mutual Reception between the 12th and 1st or planets located in the 12th aspecting the AC can indicate the transgression of the 12th to the 1st i.e. the 12th house interpretations flow onto the 1st and vice-versa (or something to that effect).


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Hmm.. i'm slightly jealous of your chart :( sorry for the unhelpful comment

Hey, come on, I don't think mine's all that great.. I mean having a 12th house stellium, having an afflicted Moon and hard Saturn aspects to Sun, Mars & Pluto ain't pleasant. :/

Also Stefan, yes, that does sound like a writer creating worlds. :D
So if an artistic expression of being is something like that, I'm guessing an artistic expression of doing is something like drawing/painting/, right?

I managed to come across an article that said that having the Ruler of the 2nd in the 3rd house can also mean making a living from writing and some other things! :D Still, thanks a lot for helping me answer what's been on my mind.