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Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about something for a while now and I think it would be good to get out of my head and see what others see!

I'm due to graduate from college in 2012 and I'm re-considering vocation I'm very excited about achieving this. It was always a part of my career plan. Quite recently I had TR Uranus bounce all over my natal Mercury/MC conjunction in the last few degrees of Pisces. During that time, the career I'd been planning for years no longer became of interest as I've been shocked, disgusted and broken-hearted about the financial crisis. I was aiming for a political internship abroad. But I don't have any interest in pursuing that now even if I can't escape a good debate on politics. For now I was thinking about turning back to another love; business, but I can use that quite flexibily and want to keep my options open.

MC: Pisces. Mercury exactly conjunct MC, with Uranus square both (1 degree). I do adore technology and that's one area of business I'm interested in pursuing. I do also have a short fuse in jobs - not in my temper but if I get bored of the work or feel I can't grow, I jump out the window. Pisces shows my desire to help people when I can. In any job I've had, I've helped out customers in ways that would get me fired - but people immediately appreciated that I wasn't a 'sales-guy' :pinched: I am very idealistic too. I can't help that some of that might be turned off in a tech - job though, I don't see how that would fit in. I debated all through school and college, winning, coaching, judging home and abroad, there isn't a conversation or debate I wouldn't have. :andy:

10 ruler/s are Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is placed in Sagg. in the 6th house. I believe that shows my idealism in the working environment - I adore pleasant, cooperative atmospheres. I can do busy and cut-throat just fine, but I love seeing people work together and achieve more. Jupiter in the 10th of Aries shows both a strong streak of independence and ambition. I always have grand plans, and get itchy feet if I feel I'm in a dead-beat place. I mean no prejudice and hate this, but I can't stand the idea of being in too 'ordinary' work. Teachers/professors have always gone crazy about my business acumen, and I intend to use that ability to achieve big things.

6th house - 2 other planets, Saturn conjunct Uranus. Saturn 7th ruler of partnerships in the house of work, exactly trine the 2nd ruler Sun from the 10th. I can't always figure out these things when looking at myself, but I think all this shows the burning desire to work, to achieve, the pleasure and aptitude from business and all things serious. I believe that I handle the Sat-Ura conjunction just fine; I acknowledge and utilise the best of the old and bring that into a bright, new future. I really appreciate tried and tested, tradition and exciting, new technological, different futuristic opportunities.

I don't want to give too much information for fear of polluting viewers when I'd rather a fresh look at this chart and honest opinions. I should lastly say that I study international business and languages, and have foreign language skills and have worked/studied abroad in different countries already as part of study. I always wanted to travel until my legs stopped working and with terrible job prospects in a bailed-out country in Europe, I have the incentive to pack now!! :tongue:

So feel free to let rip!
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I'm about 8-10 years older I reckon, and I've been in the technology sector for a long time. They way you describe yourself I'm described to be by other people - but I never did describe myself that way. It certainly sounds like I made less demands and have had less ambitions than you do; but I still managed to get "rumble in the jungle" where ever I went. I'm an unaspected Sun, so usually I'm a bit blind to what I'm radiating. I envy your Sun in the 10th with those trines!

The technology sector is a service sector, it shouldn't be, but it still is. It's the only warning I'll give you. That and, if you're looking for highly positive and motivated work places I'm afraid there's more bad news. That was a pretty cold shower to me too. Unless you are very aware you're not going to work as one of them, but to pull on them with all the might you have in you. Unlikely you'll land those jobs fresh out of school. It's certainly possible to keep that up a couple of years; but you'll get bored and possibly burn out if you're not promoted, or worse ;)

Try motivational speaking, writing, I don't know. Just something that doesn't surround you with too much negativity. Jupiter/Neptune is not something you can just 'stuff away' for the sake of conformity, nor is Uranus conjunct Saturn. Your principles are already more important to you than that.


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Hi Rasah,

thank you for taking a peek! So we're alike in our technology passions? Right, well I'll keep technology firmly in mind. It was the most likely area I was heading for right now. I'm doing my thesis on the patent wars in the mobile tech. sector, but I'm always in tune, thesis or not.

I'm less worried about the happy-atmosphere than big success. I know I'll find somewhere else to channel that. I suppose we can't expect to channel all our personalities through our vocation. So, I'll leave the care-bear stuff for somewhere else lol :whistling:

My Sun has many obligations; especially with an afflicted Moon! But I think the more difficult parts are fear of being ordinary in work and having an ordinary life. Scares the be-jebus out of me.

Either as a primary target, or even as a secondary one, I think I could bring communication in; i.e. tech. journalist/reporter/similar or take a more directly involved role with a tech. company and find ways to communicate anyway.

Thank you for your feedback, I'll keep that in mind! :wink: