Poe and Burns: It can be karmic connection between them and me?


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Hello everybody again!

I don't know about karmic astrology or horoscope too much... But there're some people who are really beloved by me and who are important to me, although I couldn't know or met them in real life... Hard to explan it, but I think you'll understand how I mean this.
I always feel, that I have to research these people and I have to learn more about them since I was a little kid. As if there would be some "task" with them for me...
I never watched their chart before, until these years, but I felt somehow that we could be similar personality.
My mother said that I have some karmic contact with these two author... I belive that it's could be possible, but I really would like to know that what shows my chart beside these two men's chart!

If we have karmic contact then the planets how shows this to us? Could I met them in one of my past life maybe?

Note for pictures: I hope you'll can read the photos about charts!
I think these are "messy" a little...

Thanks for any informations and your help! :wink:




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