Plz help me...waiting for job from 3 years


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Namaste to all,
I am born on JANUARY 28TH 1993, 00:08 AM, female, Place of birth is NUZVID, ANDHRA PRADESH.
I am trying to get a job from past 3 years but i am not succeeding please tell me whether i will get the job or not and if there are any chances when will i get it.
I want to be independent rather depending on someone. So, Please do help me as this is really important for me. I hope i would get help from you all.
Thank you all in advance


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Hi all,
My problem might not look as important compared to others, but please try to help me. All i expect from my life at this point of time is to work for my dream job. Forget about dream job whatever i try i see only failure. I am vexed up, so i am in desperate need for help.
Please understand my situation and tell me if can get a job and if yes when do i get that.
Thank you
Given that the time is correct, you are running Merc - Jup. Before this, you were running Merc - Rahu. In your chart, Merc (although a good planet) is combust and hence (almost) no results. Your Rahu is debilitated in 2nd house, which hits your 10th house (or profession) due to which you didnt get any job during that period. Now you are under Merc - Jup, for libra asc, Jup is the lord of 3rd and 6th house, sitting in 12th house. It DOES NOT make a vipreet raj yoga there because your lagna lord is not strong (sitting in 6th house at 0 degrees, although exalted). On top of that, your moon (lord of 10th) is also in 6th house.

For career, this is going to be tough time, the only help from Jupiter that you can get is that it can help you with the matter of 6th house (which is the ability to beat the competition, can help in getting through the interview). However, you will have to put in a lot of hard work from your side.

BTW, since moon is the lord of 10th, sitting in 6th, looking at 12th, look for profession where you will be in a supporting job. For example, if software than role of Proj Manager or QA.


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Your Jupiter in transit has come to Libra since 12/Sept/2017. This is over the ascendant and in the second from natal Jupiter. It is a good transit and should get you a new source of livelihood. October/2017 is a good month for it.