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Hello, I am a Plutonian. How many of you is out there?
I was wondering how has pluto affected you and what planetary aspects do you have in your natal chart?

My Natal Aspects:
Pluto conj Asc
Pluto conj Moon
Pluto quin Mercury
Pluto quin Venus
Pluto trine Mars
Pluto sextile Neptune
Pluto trine Chiron
Pluto quin Vesta

Pluto in Scorpio within the 12th House.

Here's a picture of my Natal Chart.


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I imagine there's quite a few. I consider myself Plutonian. Pluto touches nearly everything in my chart in some way, which no other planet even comes close to doing.

My Rx Pluto aspects:
Semisquare ASC/sesquiquadrate DC
Quincunx MC/semisextile IC
Trine Sun
Square OOB Moon
Tridecile OOB Mercury
Quadranovile Venus
Square OOB Rx Mars
Conjunct Rx Jupiter
Biquintile Saturn
Conjunct Rx Uranus
Sextile Rx Neptune
Opposite NN/Conjunct SN

For me, Pluto is a reckoning. Coming to terms with myself and others, stripping away the layers of ego and getting to the real issues. It's the planet of brutal honesty. I feel it in every aspect of my life. My personality is infused with it, despite having an upfront Taurus sun, playful Sagittarius moon and sunny Leo ascendant. I'm sunshiny and Plutonian, which sounds like a contradiction, but is true.


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I feel the same as you. It affects every aspect of my life.
It's taken me a long time to work with the pluto energy.
Pluto is a gift and a curse. You're a alien to the outside world.
You will be misunderstood a lot of the time.
People tend to fear what they don't understand.


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I love planetary geometry as well. If you look in my chart you will see that Pluto forms multiple patterns with the other planets.

Pluto quincunx Mercury
Pluto quincunx Venus
Mercury sextile Venus

Pluto sextile Neptune.
Pluto quincunx Venus
Venus quincunx Neptune

and other yods formed with asteroids


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Plutonian here ^.^

Pluto is:
In 8th House
In Scorpio
Conjunct North Node
Opp. Mars
Sextile Moon
Trine Venus
Quincux Sun
In fact, I have an almost exact boomerang With pluto and Uranus quincux my sun and my sun opposite my MC
And there's prolly a couple of other things too ahah

Is that plutonian enough for you :)?


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I scored 75 on the Skywriter test for assessing the strength of natal Pluto, which I'm given to understand is way up there. In my chart Pluto trines Sun and Venus, squares Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn, and forms a (generational) sextile to Neptune and Uranus. The only planet left untouched is Jupiter which along with Pluto is in Scorpio anyway. Pluto also conjuncts my north node, squares Chiron and forms some aspect to my Midheaven, but I haven't the chart before me to check the configuration.*

In any case that's a lot of Pluto, and my experience has most definitely been coloured by its themes. Pluto is often glorified for its signal ability to cut through the **** and get to the awful truth. This is a virtue, set against people with Neptune afflicted in their charts where the tendency to embrace illusion can be fatally strong. But there's also the trauma that Pluto often signifies in the chart if very salient, and that is not nice -- from abusive parents, violent anger and the rest that you've read about. It can be a nightmare to grow up with. If nothing else, it will thicken your skin and strip your illusions.

*Pluto Biquintile Midheaven
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Plutonian here.

Pluto conj. asc. 1 ° (orb)
mars conj. pluto 1,5°
venus char ruler concj. pluto 4°
mercury sun dispositor conj. pluto 3°
pluto sextile saturn 1°
pluto sextile neptune. 1°
pluto square mc/ic 1°
jupiter in eight.

pluto for me is the reason why i'm still alive, because he makes me harsh, more than the eye can see, - saturn / pluto. relaxing - pluto / neptune i do with this, his (Vivaldis) Sun oppose my Sun and his Asc is on my Sun, unbelievable deep emotionally.

It's the planet of brutal honesty.

exactly my opinion.
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I have..Sun exactly conjunct pluto in scorpio square ascendant in leo

Sun 9*53 Scorpio conjunct Pluto 9*54 Scorpio square Leo Asc at 9*40:whistling:

Kind of plutonian, I guess


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Im a Lbra first and foremost
my pluto aspects work for my sun sign
I have pluto conjunct asc and pluto mecury sextile and mars pluto sextile
I can be harsh in arguments when really needed but thats rarely, because lbra balances and takes control, but in the end if I know I am right I always win them
whats right has to be defended :)


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Pluton in 8 house
Pluton in Scorpio
8 House in Scorpio
Jupiter asc ruler in scorpio in 8 house
Jupiter trine asc
8th Ruler in 8th (Pluton)
Pluton opp Sun
Pluton opp Mercur
Co ruler of 8 house (Mars) in 1st in Aries :)
Mars sextile moon venus

em i plutonian? :devil:


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I was wondering how has pluto affected you and what planetary aspects do you have in your natal chart?

Pluto in Scorpio
Pluto Trine Sun
Pluto Trine Midheaven
Pluto Trine Chiron
Pluto Square Venus
Pluto Square Mars
Pluto Sextile Saturn
Pluto Sextile Neptune
Three planets in the 8th house.

Pluto has also been transiting my 8th house for the last 7 years.

Although i wrote the text below in reference to Pluto T my 8th house, i do believe it has an over-arching effect on my perspective of life that i can relate back to the strong Plutonian influences in my chart.

It's fascinating because every facet of human expression individually is part of a collective; everything you see in others is a reflection of yourself. And that is the most disturbing and confronting part of this transit in my opinion, because your made crucially aware of this.. no stone is left un-turned.

And it's that insight that can pave the way to genuine compassion for even the most repulsive of individuals if transformed or consume you and send you down a path of denial and giving into darker tendencies.


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Pl120Chi (not a tight orb, but Pl and Ne do work all the way for me)

But I don't think I'm a Plutonian,

I'm Mercury x Pluto :lol:
Someone I know is very Plutonian with 4 planets in Scorpio and Pluto in Scorpio. Mars in the 8th and there are other things as well. He is a really good person but he's had to overcome a lot of inner demons...then again we all do really but Plutonians feel it a lot more deeply. He's come so far as to come a sort of spiritual teacher for many. He's also becoming quite a prolific writer. I have gotten in a few tiffs with him over his ego tendencies (I'm a female and our friendship has gone through a few things where not a lot of things were made clear to me like snooping around on me and such) but I mean he has come a long way and he's only human on his journey. I do give him props for handling things the way he has.

I haven't been the best friend to him either I admit. I would get mad at him out of nowhere (it seems like out of nowhere to him but really it's because something sparked it). Like I said, we've had issues with dishonesty and suspiciousness. Which is why I've never been dishonest with him but it still felt like he didn't fully trust me. That hurt me as a Capricorn and Cancer Moon. My daughter is quite Plutonian as well...and my father. So I kind of understand the Plutonian energies and what you guys go through.