Pluto, Uranus on Angles & Nodes & Neptune on Ruler!


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Any feedback appreciated! Pluto is getting close to my Descendent (26 Sag) and North Node (1Cap - Saturn ruled of course). Uranus has been on my Midheaven (7 Pisces) and I have a full moon at Sun 17 Pisces/Moon 18 Virgo so Uranus will AMP that up in near future when Pluto is still hitting the Dsc. My Asc is Gemini so Mercury ruled (Mercury also rules my Moon) and Mercury is in the 9th opposite Pluto and square Saturn. So my Ruler Mercury is soon to be transitted by Neptune (conjunction) and Saturn (opposition). Ruler of Dsc Jupiter is on 2nd cusp conjunct Uranus. Pluto is now at tend of 6th house and I am having medical tests for a serious diagnosis - a disabling neurological disease. During these past 6 mos. I have not seen a transit that would indicate that except Pluto at end of 6th. Given the wild ride of the upcoming transits, what should I be considering in these aspects/transits? I am particularly curious about the transit of Pluto conjunct the north node in 7th house. THANKS!


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Uranus and Pluto, to HH


My approach is to simplify things and to first look at the transits which are conjuncting one of the four major points in the chart: Ascendant, Descendant, Nadir, and Midheaven. Uranus (friends, also rebellion, innovation) conjunct (energy is combined with) Midheaven (outer world) indicates a possible time of rebellion against the outer world but also an opportunity to be innovative in the outer world. Pluto (transformation) conjunct Descendant (others) indicates an opportunity to transform your approach to those around you. So innovation and transformation seem to be the strong messages of this time.