Pluto Transit

Hello. I'm interested to learn how the upcoming Pluto Transit will affect me. Thank you.


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That Aquarius 6h had no bad aspects emanating from the planets therein. How have the Saturn and Jupiter transits been over your Sun, Mercury , and NN?
Thank you so much for commenting. To be honest, I'm not familiar enough with astrology to be able to answer that. However, I can tell you that I've had challenges in earning a sufficient income from my online spiritual and editing work over the past year. I'm hoping this coming year will be more financially stable.


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I see you have natal Moon at the cusp of the Virgo 2nd.... so there may be a little bit of an inherent fluctuation of income for you now and then.. But no doubt by now you probably have come up with a way to handle your finances..
Your natal Pluto is also in the 2nd, and will be receiving the trine from transit Pluto in Aqu, which will be 2° from a conjunct to your Mercury in the 6th. Also there's a trine to your Saturn in Gemini as well, in the 10th! Sounds like things will smooth out this year to your liking imo.


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Your natal chart has many trines and positive aspects. This means that as Pluto approaches your sun, other trining aspects will be activated, helping your sun. Yes, Pluto will enter your 6th house of health. However, these trines will protect you. You will either rearrange your daily life and routines, or a moderate health concern will make you become more active eg exercise more, eat healthier, etc.
All good, overall.