Pluto transit squaring lunar nodes


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Hi; Pluto transit (in Cap 2nd house) is squaring the natal lunar nodes (26 10 Aries 5th SN house and 26 10 Libra 11th NN house); i seemingly realized that Pluto through 2nd house is also activating 8th house issues; so that 8th house issues are being linked to 11th house (groups and the like) issues; and one of the ways this is coming about is in the form of an 8th house (transformation, death, shared resources lack of, etc.) flavour attached to the feeling of remaining distant to NN (=isolation, etc.) away from it so to speak.

So i wonder if planets' transits squaring the lunar nodes bring forth the rather timeless issue of the very trade-off inherent to the nodal axis within a chart; that is activating the square between both axis. In this particulat case, i would be tempted to look at it as follows: not achieving NN 11th house would put pressure in and through 8th house.

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