Pluto, The Moon and the Devouring Mother Archetype


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My husband has this in his chart, and I can confirm... his mother is a narcissist and she clings to him in a very unhealthy and toxic way. The way she loves him is very self-centered and self-indulgent. She dumps on him emotionally and expects him to nurture her. He is just starting to put some healthy boundaries up, and things are a bit better now.
I stumbled across this thread in search of Moon opposite Pluto interpretation because my youngest Son has this aspect. The Moon makes one other aspect in his chart and it is a square to the Sun. I heard that Sun square Moon can indicate a challenging relationship between the parents especially around the birth. This is true, as his father did not want me to be pregnant with him ( my 3rd child of his ) I thought he would get over it after he was born but he didn't. I felt very protective over him, and wanted to shield him from his father's undercurrent of rejection. The relationship deteriorated and I left my husband when my son was 4. Soon after I was involved in extreme violence from him for leaving and was quite a mess. Before I left him I was badgered a lot for sex which I hated and often invited the kids into my bed to avoid any contact. I thought this harmless at the time, I was a very young parent, and obviously this was not a great thing to do. Reflecting back I also went into profound depression when my Son was 2 and he was very much witness to this. I know I felt an extreme love towards my Son and felt as though his presence was my shining light. I still feel to this day that he is like an angel in my life. When he was young and I was a single parent he would stand close to me when any new people came into the house and was quietly very protective and still is. Obviously I am picking out things which illustrate this aspect, there is much more to my Leo Son who is now 27. He has suffered with depression and only left home last year. I sensed that I should encourage him to branch out more. It has been frightening letting him go as I fear the depth of his depression at times. He can be quiet at such times and I feel a need to check in with him. My daughter feels the same and we often tag team inconspicuously to make sure he is ok. He seems to be improving. I hate that he is on medication and want him to get off of it. I had a dream years ago that all 3 of us were in a red Indian tribe ( I do have this ancestory )My daughter and I rode down a hill on horses to scout for enemies. While we were gone we decided that we were doomed and took off. We soon turned around to go back to the tribe and found them massacred, including my Leo Son, we were of course anhillated in our emotions and never recovered. We both feel incredibly protective, grateful, and indescribably deep love for his loving heart in this life and I wonder how this dream reflects an ancient truth and undercurrent in this life.


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I have an heavily aspected pluto, the apex of my grand kite. My child's moon conjuncts my venus but opposes my pluto. We love each other dearly but do argue. My child's natal chart doesn't have the moon making any aspects to pluto so I'm wondering what impact this will have.
Pluto does not lead to any arguments - it is too impersonal a planet for such emotions that would lead to arguments. You need to look at the whole chart if you want to practise Astrology correctly. If you posted your own chart or your child's and have questions about your relationship, I can point out what you should be looking at.


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I have moon square pluto (in Pisces) and I think it is true for me for both of my parents. (since the moon symbolizes the home environment) They are controlling and have destructive ways of showing their love (hurting, trying to control, stalking, trust issues, obsessive tendencies) they used to check my messages and control my every move. They sometimes try to buy my love with money (idk if it's a scorpionic move) They are overly protective and are destructive to anyone who is willing to hurt me.

There was always a distance between me and my mother. She was absent because she had to work. She also says that she had lots of traumatic things happened to her. She was extremely perfectionist when it comes to being a mother. She said that she never left us alone because there might be dangerous situations. She also wanted to control both me and my brother as her ideal kids. (What we should do with our lives and even our slightest choices, she interfered) My grandma raised me (who has moon opposite pluto in pisces) and I do love her and the emotional support she provided to me.

I do have a tendency to act as a mother and being obsessed with the idea of it but it changes really quickly.

I also heard from another source that girls with moon pluto aspects (even soft aspects) attract lots of hatred or jealousy from other females. Being overprotective over the ones you love, being a loner, having trust issues, afraid of the world's possibilities(harsher aspects), or transforming your emotions continuously. It's a big transformation aspect.
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The moon is your experience of your mother-- not your actual mother. If you have siblings, it's the same mother but their moons may look very different. Then Mom's own chart may suggest something else.

So if we focus on the moon-Pluto person's experience, the mother-child relationship may be fraught with power dynamics and a lot of control issues. The child may feel that Mom is actually a bully and doesn't have the child's best interests at heart. When then relationship is good and solid, it may be very intense, but the close bond is empowering and transformative. Pluto in these cases represents the control issues and the potential for transformation.


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I have a Moon quintile Pluto (partile), and my mom obsesses me so much that she controls me all the time, and I have to post in AW secretly because of my mama's Christian fundamentalism...