Pluto Square Transits after 1st House Transit


HI there!
I was trying to see some of my upcoming transits and to figure them a bit out. Honestly also trying to look at them with a more positive attitude, although scared a bit.
My natal Pluto is at the beginning of my 11th House. I have been first experiencing this planet conjunct Saturn and after Venus, then Uranus in my 12th House and then conjunct my Ascendent, and to finish through my 1st House in conjunction one after one with Jupiter, Neptune, Sun and it seems to be almost at the end of the 1st House, squaring Mars in my 10th House, then it will approach a Square to my Moon in the same House. ( Basically the only two planets it did not have the chance to conjunct )
Just wondering if all that work I have been doing having Pluto all over will help me to face better the next Squares.
I will also have at the same time Pluto sextile Venus ..might that transit helps to smooth the Square?

Thanks :)
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