Pluto & Saturn Transits

Hello Everyone,

Natal placements:
Pluto in Scorpio 2H
Saturn in Capricorn 4H
MC in Cancer 10H
AC in Libra
Jupiter in Leo 10H
Moon in Aries 7H

So, I've been going through some pretty tough transits for a while now. Here are my current transits:
Pluto opposite n.MC 2°
Pluto square n.AC 3°
Pluto conjunct n.Saturn 1°
Pluto square n.Moon 0°

My questions are 1)how long may this last? 2)what to possibly expect? 3)any advice regarding coping or working w/ such transits

Also, btwn Nov2016-Mar2017 I went through a horrendous but successful spiritual awakening. Right before Jupiter in Libra went Retro, Jupiter was just about to cross my AC, but instead it retro-ed back into my 12th house, where my natal Sun&Mercury in Virgo are also placed. It was a looooong, confusing, and unforgettable period but I made it out. I surrendered, healed, created a spiritual tarot youtube channel, and still walking my path! However, Pluto & Saturn have been so relentless! Any info is much appreciated!
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If you haven't read it yet, check out Donna Cunningham's Healing Pluto Problems.

It is a valuable read for anyone with a prominent natal Pluto or having a strong Pluto transit.

Transit Pluto is currently slogging his way through my 7th house. I have many years to go before he moves into my 8th. So far it has been a dissolution of my partnerships. I gradually just drifted away from my BFF, but it was something that had to happen. We were clinging to each other out of longevity, although we were both different people and had very little in common.

I am sure there is more to come with this. I have found that Pluto's effect on house matters (of the house he is traveling through) are s-l-o-w... it is one of those where you don't see the change coming until it just gradually happens.

How long will it last? A long time. (Sorry, but its the truth, at least what I have experienced.) Until he moves into your 5th house you will have transformation in 4th house matters, and with a 5 degree aspect orb to planets/angles that is a long time in aspect to them as well.

Hang in there!