Pluto/Saturn in 8th

I currently have Pluto and Saturn transiting my 8th house. Pluto is on my Mars, Saturn not far behind. Early next year, both will be exactly conjunct my Mars. I'm a little bit nervous. I have a lot of Scorpio natally, so I'm fairly accustomed to this kind of energy. But this is quite a hefty dose.

Anyone else having this transit in the 8th? Or had it in their past. Or how about just Pluto conjunct Mars. Somehow that has the feel of a heavy machinery type of accident.

ETA Having an impossible time uploading my chart and not sure if the link will work. If anyone wants to have a look, I was born Nov 4 1984 at 6:32 pm New Bedford, MA.

My chart:;btyp=2;sday=20;syr=2019;mth=gw;smon=4;nhor=1
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