Pluto opposition Sun - Death of Father


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Don't worry guys, my father is fine :lol:
I read an interpretation of this aspect on a blog (, and I have to say, it is slightly true in my case.
My father seems like an amazing person to me- he is intelligent, understanding and street smart. He loves me, plain and simple, though he is slightly sensitive about making these feelings known as well (lol dads). He's the type that says, I'll manage this, so don't ask anymore about it.
But he has his faults and insecurities, and I can clearly see that he could have handled many things differently.
All this aside- actively, I seem to be in a constant war against my father! It seems that the only way I go up is when he goes down, and I don't like it- he's my father after all.
For example- he had lost his job. So I applied for one. (because we need money, damnit) He told me not to get my hopes up, why did I have to do that anyway, we have enough etc. I got the job; using my salary I paid back the loans he took (for my education). He accepted, but I noticed he was always odd about it. He randomly get angry at me or sad ('ah, you dont need me anymore'), but he still admitted to my mother everyday that if I hadn't done this, we would be in trouble. The whole situation ends up being like a fight where the loser is happy to lose and the winner is just confused why was there even a fight in the first place.
From my own side, because my dad wasn't there to look after things, I learned a lot. The 'loss' of the father helped me grow instead of hindering me.
I know we can look at this from a psychological POV as well but right now I'm interested if anyone has this same aspect and experienced anything similar.