Pluto Opposition Moon Synastry


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I've had this synastry with three people in my life and I was always the Moon. From my experience, this synastry aspect is similar to the moth being drawn to a flame phrase. The Moon being the moth and the flame being Pluto.

Pluto is like the 'devil in disguise' and the Moon is mesmerized. Again and again, Moon wants to fly into Pluto's embrace, but her intuition is telling her something is wrong, she mustn't get too close or else she will 'die.' The death of the moon is when she is losing herself in Pluto that she cannot be herself again. When the relationship ends, it is devastating to Moon, she's she's been burned to pieces...

If anyone had this synastry with someone and was the Moon, would you agree? If you were Pluto, how did you feel toward Moon?

My experiences:

The first guy I had this synastry with, I thought him to be very attractive and magnetic. Something was just pulling me towards him and I felt some weird force in the air, almost like magnets were truly pulling me towards him!
I really wanted to be close to him, but unfortunately, he bullied me and it crushed my heart.... :sad:
But time passed and idk what happened in his mind, but he was wearing a 'Free Hugs' T-shirt from Graphics class and he decided to give me a really long hug. He was nice to me afterward and even said I was cute.

The 2nd guy, I felt very drawn to him as well and went crazy thinking, "why!?" I felt there must've been some reason!!

He was just a random cashier at a supermarket and I don't do things like these, but he caught my eye after my friend told me about him, and one day I saw him looking really sad, so I wrote him a letter of encouragement. I know we dont know each other, but i did what my heart wanted me to do!!!! My friend knew him, so she gave him the letter for me.

The thing is, I also felt like running away from him... It was weird...
Anyways, we ended up txting each other and we met once and it was really sweet. :joyful:

But then I got emotional...I txted him that i felt i couldn't trust him, that he was indifferent towards me in txt, and I honestly told him that I was drawn to him because i felt there was something hurting his heart. It was true!!

I think his Moon also conjunct my Ascendant, so I felt extremely weird feelings of being dead inside and being cheated on when I thought of him. He told me that something was indeed bothering him, but he hinted that he needed to face it alone. Eventually, we stopped txting.

Time passed and I couldn't stop thinking about him...

Well, I found out on my own that he was cheated on. His high school sweetie, whom he had a child with, ditched him for an older guy and got married. I can imagine how heartbreaking that is for him and it must be why i felt strange feelings of being cheated on and lifeless, and why we need to be apart...

The last guy, I met him online and I'm very drawn to his pictures. It's never happened before. But when we talk to each other, it's not how i expected it to be...the more we talk, the more i keep thinking that our styles just don't mix well. sometimes i feel like stopping our talks. But he had great things to share and I'm the only person he's ever opened up to, emotionally. I like that :sideways:
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