PLUTO OPP MARS, VENUS SQUARE MARS.. violence?? obbsession?


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I have venus (8th house) square mars (11th house) and pluto (5th) opposite mars. I would really appreciate it if someone took a look at my chart because right now all I can seem to figure out is that I share a lot in common with many serial killers or their victims! Are these pluto combinations a magnet for violent energy? I have very intense relationships (obsessional on both ends) that burn out fast and I've noticed that the other person usually shares some mars-pluto connection- either a square or opposition. I've never actually had a relationships, just affairs under unusual circumstances and if I'm not obsessing over someone (or trying to ward off the other person) I'm investing all that energy into my art. My brother also has the opposition. My vertex is conjunct pluto so I don't know if that has something to do with why I'm compulsively drawn to people who have no boundaries.

At the center of the MARS-PLUTO axis is my north node conjunct my midheaven. I did a quick online chart interpretation and it said that the moon and uranus have the strongest influence... but this just doesn't feel right to me. I attached my chart and Id love to hear what you think about any of the aspects! thanks :smile:


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I suspect that were you a serial killer, you'd have tried it out by now.

Given you have Cancer on your ASC, your chart is ruled by your Aqua Moon in the 9th house. There are a couple of indictors of a `history' of abuse and control - probably by your mother, or a female figure - and one of your life tasks is to lift yourself above and out of this history of expecting others to want to have control over you.

You also were born during the New Moon phase, which means that you jump into life with both feet, and most of your early life actions tend to be impulsive and instinctual. I suspect that you are really living out this phase of your life at present.

Your chart is pretty heavy because of that Pluto - in its own sign, in the 5th house (of self-expression), opposing Mars, squaring your Aqua Sun (and I'll leave the sextiles for now). In particular, the Sun-Pluto square is an indicator that you have come into this lifetime with a need for rapid and dramatic transformation. This means that you reach adulthood and begin at Point A - which is where you are now. I suspect that most of your 20's will be much like you are experiencing now. The time when you first have an opportunity for changing the way you do things will be at the time of your Saturn Return at age 29. You are likely to be granted the self-control to modify your relationship experiences from the time Saturn enters Capricorn - in late Dec 2017.

Not only is your Pluto creating the `obsession' experience, but you have your natal Venus inconjunct Chiron - which itself is almost exactly on your Cancer ASC - and this tends to intensify your relationship experiences by amping up your senses. This means that every experience of `love' for you is massive and overwhelming. With Chiron right on your ASC and in Cancer your core wound (which you have brought with you into your life) is that of believing yourself to never be loved enough, if at all. Thus, in the early part of your life you will tend to act this out through constantly `looking for love', and probably `in the wrong places.' Even if & when you are not conscious of doing this, you probably will be.

I don't see Pluto-Mars opposition as being a problem as such. It can give you high levels of energy and ambition - so it all depends on how it is you wish to express your ambition!! Sun square Mars will enhance this ambition, but also add to your impulsiveness when acting in any way.

And you mentioned boundaries..........
In my experience, a Moon-ruled chart (i.e. with Cancer on the ASC) may be prone to boundary invasion, even though your Cancer ASC likes privacy, and your Moon is in Aqua - normally a private expression of the Moon.

And one thing I had not even looked at initially has been that transiting Pluto is passing through your 7th house (of one-to-one relationships) between Jan 2009 and end of 2021. This means that at this time in your life - your 20's thru to your early 30's - you are being shown all the varying ways in which to express your Pluto within your relationship life. This means that in the early stages of this transit, your relationships will display the `dark side of Pluto'. Pluto also has many other ways of being expressed, and you will have ample opportunity for exploring this as the transit through your 7th progresses.
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