Pluto on Ascendant



Oh my, my head kinda hurt haha


Hi Malia,

i was never quite able to get down of this need of people to force liminal planets to fit in the adjacent position, think it's a praxis in all due respect, based on standards of preference and comodity :pouty:

Let me explain myself. If a planet takes position in a certain house, and it's aspecting the next house by aplication, then by fact, this planet IS rooted in that particular house (do you believe your own eyes? :andy:) with all of it's energetic corispondence akin to that house implyed, as a primary configuration. Now, what happens secondary is, by conjunction i.e., we have a huge PROJECTION of THAT planet/house signature content / ONTO the adjacent, next standing house. Do you see any logic in it ? :andy:

Now i had quite a few times chance to take notice of the mentioned 'neurotic signature' in people who's planets closely aspect their rising degree but from the 12th house, and in that particular energetic layer for which that particular planetary nature stands. There is a certain pull off/pull on dynamic within those individuals happening, when trying to extert the energy of this planet, as if they have no(t mastered) soverginity over this particular planet energy, no mather the impulse to use and manifest it consistently persists. Do you have similar experiences Malia ?

In my oppinion, the why of neurosis kicking in at this point can be easily understood observing the nature of transition through the 12th/1st house cusp.

The 12th house rapresents the globally conjoined configuration, the all encomphassing multiplicity of consciousness present at the given time, for as-many-as-there-are-of-us, and while at it, it's not a "humans only" exclusive therritory. Ups . . Said too much ? Having a planet here means been able / and / been called to channel through oneself the global influence of that particular planet range. By volition or despite it, you're never, ever, the sole "owner" of the body if it happens to fall in the 12th, the why of the planet gets charged by collective imputs and tends to carry the weight of responsibility of that magnitude. It's huge, it's overbearing, but 'you cant help yourself for as far as you cant help others too', something along that line of discourse. This is the majestic house of COOPERATION, the call of the true democracy and the revelation that "karma", for what we know her, isnt the last individidual stuff . .

I dont have positions in the 12th, but i have a strong Piscean signature and think i can fairly understand this house . . Now, let's try to go 'through the glass' an take a look at things from the 12th house perspective, having society as an individual entity . . . . you see how fractioned, belligerent and generally neurotic this hypothetical identity is ? We're more close than far from calling it a DID case . . :pinched: And what happens to the 12th planet owners, all of that wild-or-not stuff goes cannelled down into those individuals, with no options to hide everywhere, as the house cover it all.

Now, the 1st house is fiercly personal, you own it, you own it all and you own it completely, it's you, the only thing you can fully command in this world. And, if it happens that you have a strong material transition from the 12th to the 1st, things happen to get a lil cramped, you saw it right, yes they do, you take in allooooooooooooooooot of stuff baby, some of which not quite easy to digest . . . .

Much bad/doom things are said about the 12th house, but inherently, it's not 'her' fault ihmo, it's OURS becouse we manage it so poorly :unsure: Indeed we do . . We cut corners, limbs, individuals, lives, and pack them up into 'institutions' that by itself and the progression of things breed the pathology of it to a furthrer stage and a wider magnitude. "What goes around, comes around", this proverb is the most brilant sum of the 12th/1st house transition.

And certainly, this house isnt 'hopeless' as the want us to believe . . there are certain strong points of hers no other house position comes eaven close in ability to provide it.

One of those strong points is called emphaty or eaven telepathy, the ability to get the informations beyond the five senses and beyond distance. If you breed it, it gows :joyful: And, isnt it amazing to be able to do something like that ?

The second is, the ability to cooperate harmoniously in conjoined configurations, you dont have to do it all on your own, as for what you'll want to do with a 12th house position is beyond your purely individual powers :tongue: Isnt this ability beautiful ? :smile:

Now, when Pluto 12th involved, there are certainly implications of more or less nicer nature . . for starters, i wonder about the nature of your dreems and how plesent they are ?

One general misconception with the 12th is that it deals with the unconcious of ours, but that couldnt be more far from the truth, that's the job of the 4th house . . What we deal in the 12th is the super-conscoius, the over-soul and the global consesus that happens to be quite the "real deal" . . The 12th lay's in the eye line, we see it all, the catch is that we often dont understand what is that what we see, and we misinterpret it . .

From a 1st h Pluto rising sista,


Are you saying that neuroses can be partially attributed from feeling "stuck in between"?
Dear Malia,
I would bet that the ruling planets of your chart are pluto, uranus and saturn, by following the links between the house rulers. Asc->Pluto->Scorpio stop
Sun->Cap->Saturn... and so on.
With that nice venus in pisces in 5th house you could have artistic or creative potential, or maybe a lot of personal charisma.

Feeling inbetween and neurotic is part of the plutonian pull. It is as if it pulls you into a mental spiral until it burns the whole of you and teaches you to be stronger. For e.g. a mental spiral could be jealousy, so a plutonian person may obsess with jealousy until it burns him and he realizes that the real root of the problem is low self esteem.
It can get pretty hot and neurotic but after that you will never be jealous again;-)