Pluto Inconjunct Venus

Hello all,

I have only recently taken interest in predictive astrology and have then decided to use what I have learnt from my study into composing a time map for myself.

I have come to realize that during August and through September I will be going through a Pluto inconjunct Venus transit, which is really worrying me alot, since I am currently enjoying an extremely happy relationship with my girlfriend and we recently moved into a new house together. We are both very happy together and have talked alot about marrying each other, which is something we have decided would be suitable when the time is right.

I do realize that Pluto inconjunct Venus does not have to mean a breakup, but as per my knowledge in regards to Pluto, it transforms the subject through death and sacrifice, which makes the probability of a breakup occuring due to some obscure reason very plausible.

I would like a second opinion on this, as I am not entirely experienced enough to accurately predict what is going to happen.


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You would need to post your chart. Without the chart there is no way to tell what this means, or if it means anything beyond a little bit of emotions or mental interaction.


First, for any real events to take place then Pluto has to have a Ptolemaic aspect(30,60,90,120,180) with Venus in your natal chart. Failing that forget about it.

Second, you need to see a similar reference to what you thing it means in multiple places(such as a return chart, a progressed chart, etc.) for it to amount to anything.

As famous 20th century astrology IVY Goldstein Jacobson used to say:

1. See it once, maybe

2. See in twice, possibly

3. See it three times, probably

4. See it four times, certainty.

I myself gave up using transits for the exact reason that you as a fairly beginning astrologer(I've studied astrology 45 years in this life---and more back to 2000 BCE in other lives) have seen. It tends to destroy free will.

Instead of planning for a potential emotional or mental circumstance which is shown by looking at tertiary or minor progressed return charts, you are stymied by fears of things that might happen but probably won't.
I do see what you mean, and I understand what you mean when you say that it destroys free will, since I have had the very same matter on my mind ever since I started studying transit dileneation.

I believe that the very reason why I have taken an extreme interest in Astrology like this in the first place is because, subconsciously, I am striving to understand how fate operates and maybe learn ways in which I can overcome it. It is from my realization that fate can be altered whereas destiny cannot that has fueled the fire of my interest.

Nevertheless, I believe this is a matter that is entirely subjective, but the way I see it is that Astrology is a method in which people attempt to objectify subjectivity if that makes sense, at least that's the way I see it.

Anyway, I am really interested in your input, I don't feel comfortable posting my chart publicly, but I will send you it in a private message.


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Is Pluto making the first inconjunct to Venus or is it the 2nd? Pluto would go through the inconjunct, the opposition, and then another inconjunct - where is your Pluto based on this? Or in other words is your Venus in Gemini or Leo?
Tropically my Venus is in Gemini. Pluto went through the same inconjunct with natal Venus in January 2013, I was single then and was going through a superficial one month fling. Pluto is currently succeeding from a trine natal Mars, and it is going to go through an inconjunct natal Venus again iin August.
Ok I've just double checked this, the first inconjunct was in January 2013, then again around May in the same year, and from what I can remember this is when my girlfriend appeared in my life. Then it happened again around November time and this is when we got together, and now it's going to happen again in August 2014.
Based on Sidereal/whole sign, Transit pluto will be in 5th house, Natal Venus in 10th.

If you see another method as favourable tell me since I am still experimenting with house systems.


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From what I have found, inconjunct angles usually act as a break-n-change. This would be similar to what you see when an earthquake happens with the land masses moving along the fault line suddenly and then settling into a new placement.

Having said this, there will be a situation in your life that mimics this where there will be a shift to a new path. With Pluto and Venus involved, that does typically mean that the love life is affected, this could also be reinforced that Pluto is transiting the 5th of love affairs in your chart. Venus is not only love but, what we hold as being important and with your Venus in the 10th, corresponding to status or standing in life would also reinforce the meaning.

The movement of Pluto will also play heavily into this. Pluto will move over the degree and then retrograde (move backwards over the degree) and then move forward over the degree again. What degree is your Venus at? It could be that Pluto is doing the final movement which would be the 3rd and by that time, the incident/situation would be passing.

Also important is that Pluto will move on to a trine eventually (in Aquarius) since the inc was to Gemini - if your venus was in Leo, it would move on to an opposition.
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Natally there is not ptolemaic asepct between Pluto and Venus.

Even if you want to look at a potential, Natally Venus and Pluto have such low friction that be would only be looking at useful aspects.

But I wouldn't get carried away with it, besides Pluto moves so slowly that its a long long slow event.
Thank you for your help Marinka :)

After much confusion I decided to calm down and relax my mind for abit since I've been overloading my mind with unhelpful thoughts, playing around with house systems which eventually led a 'frustration of action which leads to achievement', which is my interpretation of a Sesquiquadrate which has been climaxing today by Neptune forming this aspect to my natal Mercury (Reference: The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady)

You are right Zarathu. It is a matter of common sense, as you have clarified Marinka, the planet will move within an orb, retrograde, and then move over the aspecting degree, causing certain climaxes to occur with the subject's experience.

Therefore, with the planet retrograding from the degree, each time it hits it it adds another dimension to the whole transit, and hence to the significant life experience. The first hit is that which introduces the formalue of the transit into the subject's life, this is where the actors appear and things start to come into perspective in the subject's experience. The second hit (or depending on how many times the planet actually 'hits' the degree) is the climax, and this is where the actual life changing event occurs. The third one is when all has been done and the subject begins to integrate this change into his life.

I am aware you might know this, I do not mean to sound condascending but rather from my sheer excitement I feel this urge to write down what I have learnt, it is truly mind boggling for me, I am very new to all of this.

Zarathu, you have brough to my attention the fact that it being an Inconjuct aspect does not necessarily give it the flavour of what the transformation and heartbreaking experiences the hard aspects would give, and you are absolutely right.

With the first Inconjunct 'hit', I witnessed events occuring in which I was introduced to this new person, my future girlfriend at the time, by the fact that I joined a band in which she was a member in.

The second Inconjunct 'hit', we started getting to know each other, and this was at a gig where we warmed up together before it, and after it we started bonding.

The third Inconjunct 'hit', and hence the climax, is when we actually got together.

The fourth one which is forthcoming should be the integration of this change into my life which is slowly occuring.

Therefore this aspect is actually beneficial like you said Zarathu.

I am delighted by this revelation which you guys have helped me with. Thank you for your help :D


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I like marika's response, inconjunct's don't necessarily mean a break or complete end. I find it is more stopping, breaking, taking the time to realize something and then moving forward.

So many good things have happened with each inconjunct for you, maybe you should look forward to the next one :).

p.s - it is very cute how worried you are the thought of anything gpoing wrong with your gf <3
While micromanaging life according to transits can become a real obsession/passion, monitoring ones own (and friends & family’s) astrological transits and observing patterns is really the best way to learn the art of interpretation. Things to consider for your Pluto inconjunct Venus transit are: which house and sign is Venus in, which house is Pluto travelling through, what aspects does Venus form natally, and what houses does Venus rule (the Taurus and Libra houses). With any long lasting transit from an outer planet to a tradition/inner planet I’ll also look to see what’s happening with it (aka Venus) in the Solar Arc and progressed chart.
Pluto in transit to Venus certainly doesn’t need end in a separation, but themes of obsession, control, and transformation in relating occur. The quincunx asks one to remain balanced. Keep seeing your old friends, spend time on your own pursuing personal interests, and don’t let long held goals slide amidst the ferver of the honeymoon phase 💕💕
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