Pluto in the 4th house/Scorpio IC and childhood trauma?


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So I have this placement, I never really looked at it, and I am mad I didn´t.

I have A Leo sun in the 12th house (with mercury and Jupiter) and a Leo rising. I have heard that the 12th house sun leads to issues with the father (possibly even death), and it is very accurate my father is very emotionally distant and withdrawn and works a job where he is gone most of the time.

When I read about the 4th house representing your childhood and family, I looked it up, and it was in Scorpio. The summary I found chilled me to my core; it brought up power struggles and someone (likely mother) having to be in control. It usually signifies abuse in some form. My mother has always been very emotionally manipulative (her family is also, and many fights broke out as a kid). She also is very verbally abusive, leading me to be super insecure. She also is narcissistic and always did everything she could to be above everyone. For example, I have my mother´s last name because she deemed my father´s as nothing extraordinary (they are still married). She also degrades my father based on his job and finances, trying to prove she is better. She labels herself as the leading provider. This has been very traumatizing, and I am trying to leave this household, but I feel as if I cannot.

I also have the planet of death and rebirth in the fourth house in the sign Sagittarius (in retrograde). I found this on a site (…) "Something in the family and childhood could have happened which represented a "shock," something that disrupted the feeling of being safe and loved in the home. Often, we find people who are born in families where the dynamic was one based on control and power, and it´s possible they had to assume the position of the scapegoat or black sheep." When it brought up shock, my house burned to the ground when I was 13. I was no longer safe, and I no longer had a home. My childhood was gone...this is really when the emotional manipulation and power dynamic in my family evolved. My mom mainly treats my father like she does because she blames him for "burning down her house." My family was reborn- and not in a good way.

Edit: After reading some more I found that Pluto indicates that "The person might have to process trauma and distressing ancestral scars carried over from past generations." This was probably the deepest thing I have ever read. It relates to me perfectly. I saw this because women in my family (mothers side) have a need for control however they all struggle with mental illness. I have had an intuition for a couple of years that all of the women in my family have BPD and that it is generational from woman to woman. My mom´s side also struggles with alcoholism. I have told myself I never want kids because I don´t want them to have the genes that have been given to me. On my father´s side, my grandmother suffered from depression and was married to an abusive narcissist who died before I was born. I never met her but I feel deeply connected with her in so many ways and I cannot explain it. Crying currently. I feel closer to healing my inner child (I am still one but I need to heal)

I could write way more on this, but I would like to say that this has helped me in a lot of ways. I am hyperaware (paranoid) of manipulation now and I can tell when people are wronging me. I need to find a therapist after writing this, I have pushed most of this trauma away.

I would love to hear stories and opinions on this challenging placement/placements.


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Thanks for sharing your story. [Who says astrology doesn't work?]

The 4th house indicates both your early childhood conditioning and your ancestral heritage. Often there is a connection. If you can construct horoscopes for members of your family tree, you might find some repeat patterns through several generations.


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I have a Pluto in 4th but in the sign Libra...anyone born in 1980 will have that aspect. Pluto in 4th represent a dysfunctional home, like there were parents fighting in the background and serious issues a mother has. In fact, my parents divorced when I was age 6 or 7, and then my Mom went to the hospital twice in the 1990s, the 2nd time in Jan 1997 from receiving a chickenpox vaccine which was new at the time wasn't supposed to be given to anyone with COPD and this is considered medical malpractice, but she survived and 24 years later, she recently died last April.