Pluto IC Line


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I am currently looking to relocate to a specific country right now, and most of the cities I’ve looked at with interest seem to be located 0-300 miles of my Pluto IC line. In my natal chart Pluto is in my 4th house in the sign of Scorpio. So my IC in my natal chart is Scorpio. I am currently 27 living with my parents ready to break free and I feel very drawn to this country. I am also in my 4th house profection year.

My current long term transits are:
1. Pluto conjunct my natal sun
2. Pluto opposite my natal moon
3. Pluto conjunct my natal Uranus
4. Pluto Sextile my natal Pluto
5. Pluto conjunct my Natal Chiron

Bonus: 12H Moon in Cancer

So they desire for me to get tf away is at an all time high.

Most of these transits started in 2020.
I’ve felt heavily entangled with family and dysfunction related to my family drama so I’m finally ready to become independent and live my own life. Every time I go off my family has a way of guilting me back home as if I’m needed. I feel that I’m feeling drawn here to finally deeply analyze and remove all deep psychological trauma and programming caused by family.

Any comments, suggestions, or explanations would be amazing. 🙏