Pluto entering a sign


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I'm wondering if people feel that, with Pluto moving into a new sign and then retrograding back into the previous sign, one should pay attention to that period when it first moves into the new sign to get a sense of what is to come regarding the longer transit of the sign. I've noticed that with Uranus the big change came when Uranus changed signs and stayed in the new sign - which is different. I have a planet in early Aquarius so I'm wondering about the Pluto conjunction in Aquarius. Pluto first moves into Aquarius the first of next year but only for two months. It's already been transmitting the house for almost two years but not conjunction that planet at 4 Aquarius obviously.


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Pluto doesn't reach 4 Aquarius until early 2026, after which from Jan. 2025 it does not retrograde back into Capricorn. Ties with 'the old ways' will have been completely destroyed to generate and allow an as yet untried 'new ways' to find their footing. Many people have difficulty with letting go of past patterns and systems, including government ruled society.
I guess you could say that the 3 passes back into Capricorn would be like a 'gradual testing' of the waters (or Air) of the new and comparing it to the old which is going to change anyway, like it or not.
Long before Pluto enters Aquarius, the societal planets Jupiter and Saturn, as well as mass conscious raising planets Uranus and Neptune will all have entered their following signs. What they bring about in the way of events before Pluto indicates the massive change of outlook upon a new way of life.

Depending upon whether the planet on 4 Aquarius is personal, societal, or masses motivated will show how involved or evolved you become in living with it.