Pluto Direct!


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I'd love to hear about experiences or just what people think about
Pluto going Direct in a progressed chart?
In this case, this will be happening in a person in their early 60s. I would think it could manifest spiritually or perhaps in terms of health (hope not)
rather than in external power. All comments appreciated.


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I have no direct experience with Pluto turning direct but when two other outer planets -- Saturn and Uranus -- turned direct in my progressed 4th House, both my parents died within three months of each other.


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I have several retrograde planets in my natal chart including neptune, saturn, and jupiter. When they went stationary then direct it was a memorable time in my life. Some believe, if you follow Karma, that it may imply a time when you are able to work through karmic events. In my case I can say I was able to work through several things. Since progressions are more internal development from what I understand it seems it might come to you that way depending on house/ house ruler.


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In this case the pluto is in the progressed first house doing direct.
In the birthchart the pluto is in the 3rd and rules the 6th.
Pluto's the hardest planet for me to relate to so I'm having
trouble imagining what it going direct would mean by progression
except that it could mean a person having more of a drive for power - which I don't think is the case with this person - or maybe having a sense of mission. Since it rules the 6th in the birth chart it may relate to health.